Warpaint (ish – it’s a hair tutorial)

Hey. 🙂

I said I’d make it clear whether future posts were Wonk or Warpaint related, so I will start each one with one or other of those headings.

Today: WARPAINT. Well… not really – it’s hair related but is not a Wonk post.

Anyway, after reading my first post a good friend of mine who has a young daughter and who (together with said daughter) is slightly obsessed by the movie Frozen asked me: “What the heck is a fishtail braid?” WHHHAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!! Seriously, Mrs (you know who you are and should be ashamed of yourself) how can you NOT know? Sheesh…

So, in this blog I aim to rush to her aid (well, mostly her daughter’s) and try to explain how to create one. I’m adding a video. This is my first attempt at a kind of vlog, albeit a silent one. There are two reasons for the lack of sound. Firstly, I am still suffering from T.W. so any attempt at commentary would be utterly incomprehensible although admittedly perhaps mildly amusing. Secondly, the actual background noise was an episode of Jeremy Kyle and who wants to hear “THINK OF THE CHILDREN,” “GET OFF YOUR LAZY BACKSIDE AND GET A JOB” and “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP, THIS IS MY SHOW” while watching a hair tutorial?

There is also a reason you don’t see my face. Again, said Wonk and also a lack of makeup and that AIN’T flippin’ happening!

How to create a fishtail braid

I would recommend that on your first attempt you put the hair in a nice tight ponytail to start with. If you want the ‘no pony’ look (yeah, that’s a thing) then you could use an invisible hair elastic which you can either leave in once you’ve finished or cut out. They are super cheap on eBay and tend not to be reusable anyway. Once you’re more confident, you can skip the ponytail.

I hope the video is fairly self-explanatory. There are only four basic steps:

  1. Instead of using three strands of hair as you would for a normal plait, separate the hair into two.
  2. Take a small section from the outside of one strand of hair across to the other side. Pull it fairly tightly across and mingle the hair in with the other strand. You will now have one thick and one thin side.
  3. Take a section from the outside of the thicker strand across to the thin side. Again, pull it tightly and mingle.
  4. And repeat!

Have a look at the vid…

It might seem a bit fiddly at first because you feel like you have to have fingers all over the place but once you get the hang of it it’s as easy as the 4 steps suggest. It’s easier than a normal plait.

If you’re aiming for a plait high up on the head then you’ll have to start with a ponytail and leave the elastic in or it will collapse. It’s best to start from the nape of the neck or from the side as I did in the video. Alternatively you can braid a small section of hair from the front and pin it back to include somehow in an up-do.

In fact, there are lots of fancy pants things you can do with a fishtail braid. You can turn one into a hairband. You can create a small one to wrap around the base of a ponytail (or another braid) to conceal it. YouTube is a great resource for hair tutorials, so have a look when you’re feeling confident.

If, like me, you like a side pony or side plait then when you’re doing your own hair it’s possible to make it twist (and look a little like a rope) by pulling it under your chin as you plait. Here’s a still which I hope shows you what I mean:

Rope twist

Another thing to bear in mind if you’re going for a side plait is that you should always bring the first strand from the back to the front rather than the other way around. This will give you a neater finish.

Happy plaiting! 🙂 Lou x

Top tip: It’s easier if you spray the hair with water first. As with most up-dos it’s also easiest to work with hair that isn’t freshly washed.

Top tip two: Try to pull the sections across as tightly as possible for a neat finish.

Top tip three: Buy some invisible hair elastics. You can use them at the top and cut them out and can also use one to tie the end, ensuring you don’t spoil the overall effect with a big ugly old thing like I did!

P.S. You’re welcome, little Miss R.H. 🙂

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