Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Advent Calendar 2014. Review: Day 5.


Day 5 door

Today’s advent calendar prize is it’s Potent! eye cream. It comes in a dinky little jar with cute packaging (Benefit always delivers on the packaging front) and is teeny weeny, although of course you don’t need to use a lot. It claims to fade dark circles although presumably not immediately!

day 5 producteye cream jar

The cream is slightly yellowish (I would prefer white) and smells nice and fresh. I’m not sure whether or not I can detect a hint of cucumber.

Anyway, it sinks into the skin well and feels refreshing when applied to the under eye area. It forms a good base for makeup although is overshadowed by the effects of yesterday’s product in that regard. It does leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth but there are no immediate effects to report. This review is a little premature!

I’ll keep using it for a few days and will update later, so keep your eyes peeled for changes to this post.

Amazability factor (so far): 6/10 (nice but not amazing)

Lou x

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