Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Advent Calendar 2014. Review: Day 10.


door 10

Today’s product is Stay Flawless 15-hour primer. 15 hours? That’s a grand claim!

day 10Cute packaging again, Benefit!

I applied this to the right side of my face at around 8am this morning and then applied makeup. It’s just past 11pm, so how is it looking? Well, I have to say, I has pretty much done the job.

I’ve just used a cleansing wipe on each side of my face and have removed a teeny bit from the left and noticeably more from the right, so yes – this does seem to prolong the wear of foundation, blusher etc and if today’s anything to go by then the 15 hour claim is about right.

I’ve been at home today so it hasn’t been exposed to the elements or anything like that but I did do something stupid and rubbed my face with my hands when I was tired. I could have kicked myself. :/ Anyway, I did it on both sides at the same time so even that was balanced!

So, back to this morning: I was very careful to ensure that I applied the same amount of makeup in the same manner to each side. When you first apply the primer it feels kinda damp on your skin but, unlike other similar products, you’re not supposed to allow this to dry. You apply your foundation straight away and blend the two together.

day 10 (2)

I’m not a huge fan of the method of application. You effectively drag the whole thing across your skin which isn’t face-friendly. Apparently the full sized version is the same. I think in future I would apply it to the back of my hand first and then use my foundation brush (probably the topic of a blog another day) to pick it up and apply it to my face. I’m sure that would be gentler. It certainly wouldn’t be a good idea to apply it anywhere near the delicate eye area by dragging although I don’t think this is the best product for that anyway. Combine this with Stay Don’t Stray and all your face is fixed!

Amazability factor: 7/10 (does what it says (and I will buy in future) but loses marks on application)

Lou x

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