Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Advent Calendar 2014. Review: Day 11.


door 11

Today is appointment day so very fortunate timing to receive another product I’m already familiar with. It’s a dinky little bottle of Benetint! 🙂


It’s a “rose tinted” lip and cheek stain.

The first time I used this on my lips I was amazed by how long lasting it was. I even left it on and went to bed only to wake up in the morning with it still on. Super impressive.

I did try it once as a cheek stain but found it difficult to apply exactly where I wanted it. To start with there’s the little applicator brush which is like a nail polish brush and a lot more suited to application on the lips. Secondly, there’s the fact that you have to blend it in before the stain dries and that doesn’t give you long! It did last all day (I didn’t do the sleep-in test as a check stain although I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did on my lips) and the colour was nice but I prefer to apply traditional blusher with a brush.

As a lip stain, it’s fantastic. It’s a lovely colour, easy to apply and long lasting. It does tend to leave lips feeling a little dry but I’ve found that true of all lip stains I’ve used. You can apply any lip balm over the top to compensate. I love Benebalm which (unsurprisingly!) is the matching balm from Benefit, but you can use any colour or even a clear balm just to keep lips moisturised. The balm won’t last as long as the stain (obviously) so you’d have to reapply that fairly frequently but you wouldn’t also need to take Benetint with you on a night out.

Amazability factor: 8/10 (already a firm favourite)

On Benefit’s Facebook page I recently saw a picture of one of their members of staff with a comment suggesting the use of not just one but THREE of their lip products together (an obvious ploy to increase sales). Immediately I thought this must have been an in-house competition for staff to come up with new ways in which multiple products could be used (Christmas bonus, anyone?)

The products in question were Lollitint (“candy orchid tinted” lip/cheek stain), Cha-Cha-Tint (“mango tinted” lip/cheek stain) and Benebalm.

I already loved Lollitint and Benebalm. I hadn’t tried Cha-Cha-Tint and was surprised by how orange it was. It’s really, REALLY orange and I can’t imagine it’s flattering for many skin tones.

The idea of this multi-product look is that you apply Lollitint (which is a lovely candy coloured shade of pink) liberally all over lips, allow it to dry, apply Cha-Cha-Tint over the top and then follow with Benebalm. It’s supposed to give you a nice soft red lip. I didn’t expect it to work, especially when I’d seen the orange madness that was Cha-Cha-Tint. However, I was wrong.

I have to say that the orange actually gives the finished colour some depth and overall it really does produce a nice rich but wearable colour. I’ll definitely be doing it again. I read somewhere that Cha-Cha-Tint is being discontinued, so I’ll at least carry on doing this until my supplies of that run out!

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’m London bound. Bye for now!

Lou x

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