Benefit Candy Coated Countdown Advent Calendar 2014. Review: Day 21.

Maindoor 21

Today, one of the products I’ve been expecting/hoping to find – Watt’s Up. It’s another Benefit highlighter.

Here’s the dinky little version from the advent calendar:

photo 1 (11)

Like Stay Flawless (day 10), you apply it by dragging it over your face. Not ideal, but with this you don’t need to apply it to the delicate eye area, so it’s not so much of an issue.

Here is the full sized version (not to scale):

photo 2 (10)

Initial application is the same, but with the full sized product you also get an applicator sponge. I love the packaging (again!) It’s super cute. First of all you take the top off, apply the product to the parts you want to highlight (see day 16 for tips) and then flip it over and use the sponge to blend. Easy peasy!

When I was looking at High Beam on day 16, I mentioned a comparison between that and Watt’s Up. Here it is: High Beam has a pink tint and Watt’s Up is more of a warm beige. Both have a slight shimmer although I think Watt’s Up has just a touch more. I think for my skintone, High Beam is more of an everyday highlighter whereas Watt’s Up might be more appropriate for a night out. I’d prefer to wear Watt’s Up if I had a tan as I think the colour would make tanned skin appear radiant.

Here are the swatches on the back of my hand:

photo 1 (7)

They’re both lovely products and I’d like to have them both in my makeup arsenal. I think making a choice between these two is really going to come down to your skintone. If you have pale skin you may prefer the pinkish tone of High Beam. If you have darker skin, Watt’s Up might be the highlighter for you.

Amazability factor: 8/10 (very good indeed)

Lou x

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