Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 2.

I mentioned yesterday the size of the doors. Well, no 2 is a big door but even so I had to spend a good 5 minutes with a pair of tweezers to get this product out. It was crammed in there! It’s early days but so far I am seriously impressed by the amount of product you get for your money. Today’s would be a perfect size for holidays or even just as an emergency lippy in your handbag (and who doesn’t need an emergency lippy?!)

It’s No. 7 (hypoallergenic) High Shine Lip Crayon in ‘Daydreamer.’

day 2 main

I wouldn’t call it high shine but it does have a nice gloss to it. The colour is so subtle that the shine is actually the only way you can tell I’m wearing lipstick. I would have liked to try a slightly bolder shade but I appreciate that Boots are catering to the masses with this calendar and neutral is the safe option.

Here is a swatch from the back of my hand:

day 2I like the way it feels when you apply it. It’s sort of like a balm… like cocoa butter or something like that. It’s very moisturising and would probably be great if you suffer from dry lips and want to moisturise while wearing colour.

It does fall down when it comes to staying power though. I had to reapply it after around an hour. I like the fact that it’s a crayon which makes it easy to apply with precision. I didn’t use a lip liner but I would have done had it been a darker shade. That said, did you know you can buy clear lip liners? Have I mentioned that already? Forgive the duplication if I have! If you don’t wear makeup often and don’t think you can justify buying individually matching liners for the 3 days a year you wear lippy, treat yourself to a clear one you can use with any colour. The last one I got cost £1.00 from Superdrug.

If you’re in your teens or twenties you can probably get away without a liner but if you are 30+ it’s a good idea to use one. Lipstick bleeds into fine lines and wrinkles around your lips and won’t look as defined as it did when you were younger. It’s also a bit of a giveaway as to age and can draw attention to lines people might otherwise not notice, so for the sake of £1.00 it’s a definite makeup must have!

Back to the lip crayon… I like it, but it’s not a game changer. I will use the one I’ve got but I don’t think I’d buy another (they are quite expensive at £9.00)

Amazability factor: 5/10 (just ok. A great size though.)

Lou x

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