Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 3.

Well, this calendar is still impressing! Today I got an eyeshadow brush and it appears to be (at least very close to) full size.

day 3

It has occurred to me that I keep going on about the size of these products but I’m not giving you any sense of scale in my photos, so here you go…

photo (17)

See what I mean?

The bristles are synthetic and quite firm. It’s a really good size for applying eyeshadow, although not so great for blending (you really need a bigger and softer brush for that).

Because the bristles are firm and compact you can also wet the brush before picking up eyeshadow and then apply it in a line underneath the eye, using just the tip of the brush which is slightly pointed. Applying it wet turns any eyeshadow into eyeliner. It will give you quite a thick line however and if you prefer a finer one you’d need to use a thinner, flatter brush.

This is a very nice addition to my brush collection. I’m impressed, Boots.

Amazability factor: 7/10 (I like!!)

Lou x

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