Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 12.

More makeup today, a Stay Precise felt tip (liquid) eyeliner in carbon black.

Day 12

It appears to be full sized. It has a pointed felt tip which makes it very easy to apply with precision (hence the name!)


It’s so easy to apply, you can even do the winged flick. Yes, you can! 🙂 Line under the lower and over the upper lash line and extend the lower line a little beyond the corner of the eye, extending the natural curve upwards. Then join up with the top line, forming a point where the two meet.

I love eyeliner. It’s one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. I have lots (yet, not enough!)

I used to think I couldn’t do upper lash liner. I tried so many times and couldn’t get close enough to the lash line for it to look right. That is until I heard about a different way to apply it. While seated, place a mirror in your lap facing upwards. Keep your head straight but look down into the mirror (just move your eyes, not your head) and apply as close to the lash line as you can. You will find you can get a lot closer if you apply it this way. When you’ve done that a few times and you’re a bit more confident you’ll find you can even do it looking straight on in the mirror. I like to start at the highest part of the lash line in the centre of the eye, making it slightly thicker as you bring it towards the outer corner. Practice makes perfect!

Back to Stay Precise, if you make a mistake it’s really easy to remove while still wet. Just roll a cotton bud (keep some close at hand) over the top and it’s all gone.

I like this but I would have liked to try a different colour. Black eyeliner is a lot of people’s ‘go to’ product and I do wear it when I’m going for a smoky eye look or a winged flick, but I think black a little dull. I love colour and eyeliner is a really easy way to introduce it without looking like a 1980s makeup doll.

In terms of ease of application, I can’t fault it. However, I prefer a kohl eyeliner as it blends better. If you’re looking for a solid line a liquid eyeliner like this is best. If like me you prefer a slightly softer look, use a kohl pencil. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, you can also use eyeshadow as liner. Just wet a thin eyeliner brush (or thin, firm eyeshadow brush) and pick up the eyeshadow by dabbing just the edge of the brush into it. Then apply it to your lash line, again using a dabbing motion. When it’s dry, blend using the same brush or a clean, dry cotton bud. This turns any eyeshadow into an eyeliner, so you’ll always have one to compliment your overall look.

Amazability factor: 7/10 (very nice)

Lou x

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