Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 13.

Another High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink which is a bolder shade than I tried on day 2.

Day 13

Everything I said before applies in terms of longevity and application. One other thing to bear in mind is its shape. It’s a twist-up crayon so in order to ensure that you retain the point, make sure that you only use the tip to outline and define the lips. When you’re filling in the colour, use the tapered sides. If you do that fairly evenly it should hold its shape throughout.

The shade is very shimmery and glistening, especially in low light. I love it. If you apply it lightly you get a subtle pink but use a bit more and you build up the colour to a lovely rich shade. I like the colour so much I would buy it and it makes me curious about the other shades available. Next time I’m in Boots I’ll have a nosey. 🙂

Here is a swatch from the back of my hand (although admittedly it looks a bit like an injury):

Day 13 lippy

Along with the day 6 mascara this is something you could keep in your handbag to take you from day to night. Apply just a little in the morning keeping it light when you reapply. When you’re heading out for the evening, slap it on thicker and you’re good to go!

Amazability factor: 8/10 (great shade = better score)

Lou x

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