Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 15.

Today it’s one of my fave product types – eyeliner. Whoop whoop! It is, however, black (yawn).

Amazing Eyes pencil, shade 05.

 photo (25)

It claims to be a “longwearing and silky smooth pencil for colour and definition.” I’m not convinced those claims are made out.

It’s a straightforward pencil which goes on as you’d expect. It is easy to apply to the upper and lower lash lines.

Lining the inner corner of the lower lash line, you need to apply it a few times to get a reasonable colour. However, when you’re applying it to your skin (so, above the upper and below the lower lash line), just one application gives you a nice dense colour.

It isn’t particularly easy to remove and you may need to dip a cotton bud in cleanser before rolling it gently over any mistakes. This might affect underlying makeup which you may have to reapply.

In terms of staying power, it’s not great. Around 5 hours later it was looking rather ropey.

It’s a bog standard, uninspired eye pencil. It’s fine, but it’s not going to rock your world.

Amazability factor: 5/10 (nice but boring)

Lou x

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