Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 16.

Another beauty tool today. This time it’s an ‘Essential Lip brush.’

photo 2 (22)

Do you use a lip brush? I know it’s easy to apply straight from the lippy but you’re able to be much more precise with application using a brush. It also allows you to create custom colour using different lipsticks and blends lippy with liner so that you don’t get those tell-tale lines.

The synthetic bristles are reasonably firm. Unfortunately there is no brush guard so I’ve improvised and made one out of a straw (it’s a tight fit so I made some small cuts around the bottom which made it easier to fit).

photo 1 (21)

It seems to pick up colour nicely and apply it evenly. I do prefer a pointed brush which makes it easier to define the lips. This is great for filling in the bulk of the colour but not so good for the edges. I tried to define the edge with the corner of the brush but even that wasn’t particularly successful.

In terms of colour application, it’s great. However, it needs a protective cover and I’d prefer a point.

Amazability factor: 4/10 (I wouldn’t buy it but it’s better than no lip brush at all!)

Lou x

P.S. I’m now wearing my onesie and bright red lipstick. Classy.

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