Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 17.

Today it’s another mascara. This time it’s No. 7 Intense Volume mascara in black.

photo (26)

I’m not complaining that this is black. I love colour but not so much that I want to recreate the 80s blue mascara trend. Oh, by the way, I understand we will be seeing lots of 70s inspired fashion and makeup trends in 2015. That could be fun!!

Anyway, back to this… I have to say, I’m not at all impressed. It’s got a slightly curved brush which just seems a little odd. It separated most of the lashes but was a little clumpy in places and I had to comb through. It didn’t particularly volumise or lengthen the lashes. It did, however, curl them but that might be more down to application rather than the product. You could tell I had mascara on but the look isn’t dramatic and certainly wasn’t the look I was expecting from a mascara called ‘intense volume.’

In terms of staying power, well… it’s ok. I applied it about 5 hours ago and you can still see it but it doesn’t look like it did to start with and it’s all just a little bit ‘meh.’

I know I keep going on about it, but Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black really does set the bar high and I now expect a lot more from my mascara. Perhaps I’m being harsh.

Amazability factor: 3/10 (meh)

Lou x

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