Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 19.

Today, No. 7 Nail Effect nail polish in the b.e.a.utiful shade, Disco Ball.

day 19

I LOVE this. It really lives up to its name. Glitz & glitter galore! The glitter catches the light beautifully and sparkles all the colours of the rainbow.

Here it is on my fake finger:

day 19 fake finger

I used three coats here (no top coat). Again, don’t forget to run the brush along the edge once you’ve applied it to the nail to maximise staying power.

You need to use at least two coats to get a decent coverage although I have to say it did cover more solidly than other glitter polishes I’ve used, even after the first coat.

I am well ahead of myself in writing these reviews which meant that I could use it on my ‘non-fake-fingers’ 😉 and report back in terms of staying power. Due to the glitter it’s quite a thick consistency. I’ve found that as long as you allow thicker nail polish adequate time to dry, staying power tends to be better than standard nail polish and that’s certainly true of this. It lasted a few days before there were any signs of chipping.

This polish would look beautiful as a substitute for the white tip in a French manicure, perhaps with one or two teeny tiny white nail art flowers on the nude part of the nail.

Amazability factor: 9.5/10 (love, love, love!)

Lou x

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