Boots No. 7 Advent Calendar (2014) Review: Day 24.

Today it’s No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense night cream.

photo (33)

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m already using this. It smells lovely – the same as all other Protect & Perfect products. It’s thick and creamy and doesn’t sink in quickly so your skin feels well moisturised and pampered when you go to bed. This is my go-to night cream. Well, this and (after discovering it in December) Benefit’s Total Moisture face cream. I don’t like to use the same moisturiser all the time.

I also like to give my skin an extra treat every now and again. I used to love Soap & Glory Wish Upon a Jar for that and used it for 21 days every few months. It used to be a collagen rich intensive treatment but they reformulated it and it’s so great now. It’s just another night cream. Very disappointing. I’m on the lookout for a replacement intensive treatment. I do love Mary Cohr moisturisers but they are far too expensive to use all the time. 😦 If there’s an intensive moisturiser you love, let me know in the comments.

Let me know if you have a favourite night cream too. Although I like this and Total Moisture, I don’t really love either, so I’m open to suggestions! 🙂

While we’re on the subject of night time skin routines, did you know that cotton pillow cases aren’t really face-friendly? Satin or silk is best (satin is cheaper). Also, make sure you sweep all of your hair off your face when you go to bed. You may not look super glam but your skin will thank you for it. You’re more likely to have a skin breakout around the hairline if you don’t tie your hair back while using a thick moisturiser.

Amazability factor: 8/10 (very nice but I don’t love it)

Lou x

P.S. This is a 25 day advent calendar so there’s still one more treat to come! 😀

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