Review: **NEW Benefit Roller Lash mascara.**

Hey, hey, hey! 🙂

So… I wasn’t planning to blog again in January but I just have to post a cheeky last-minute one to tell you about Benefit’s new mascara, Roller Lash.

photo 2 (25)

I’ve tried it today and am in LOVE! It has a curved brush covered in tiny little hooks to catch and curl the lashes (sounds painful…   isn’t). The hooks are finer on the underside of the curve and thicker/longer on top. I was sceptical as I’ve not found curved brushes to be particularly effective in the past. It claims to be “super curling and lifting mascara” and it is!

Here… see for yourself with these before and after pics (I’m not in a makeup mood today so forgive the otherwise nude eye!)

photo 1 (25)

As you can see, I only used it on my upper lashes and it really lengthened and lifted them. The effect is quite dramatic although you don’t have to use a lot to get that look so the lashes are still quite fine and natural looking (just prettier!) so I think this is a great mascara for everyday use.

I only used one coat although if you wanted to pump up the glam for an evening out you can build up the look by using more (and of course you shouldn’t neglect your lower lashes like I did – shoddy, shoddy, shoddy, Lou).

If you can’t tell by now, I love, love LOVE this mascara so I had to share. I hope you love it too!

It’s not officially launched until March although if you’re quick you can get a mini version (like mine) free with the March edition of Elle magazine which is on sale now for £4. I think that’s £4 well spent. Enjoy!

Lou x

P.S. I have updated the above since first posted as I thought it was due to be launched at the end of Feb but apparently it is March. My bad!

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