Benefit Puff Off & my Wonky eyes!

I tried Benefit Puff Off for the first time this morning. It’s designed to reduce under eye puffiness.

I should start by saying that T.W. means I often have swollen eyelids including swelling right up to the brow. Today was a bad day and I looked a bit of a state first thing. I’m not brave enough to post such frank pics but believe  me, it wasn’t pretty!

So, back to Puff Off… I LOVE the packaging, again! Benefit goodies always look supercute on the dressing table. They’re not products you need to hide away and Puff Off is no exception.

puff off

See…? Cute, huh? 🙂

It’s an ivory coloured gel which disappears into the skin on application. You apply it by dotting the gel on the skin and then gently massaging it in using the dinky little ‘iron’ applicator at the end. The iron is metal so it’s really cool, refreshing and pleasant to use.

Because of my eyelid issue I suppose I was a bit of an unusual challenge for Puff Off. As I said, it’s designed to help under eye puffiness but I applied it to my lids too, to really see what it could do. You can use it under or over makeup, or on its own. I used it on its own.

It claims to have an instant effect but more so over time. Well… it didn’t instantly remove the lid puffiness but that was a big ask and it definitely helped.

I did initially apply it only to one eye so that I could see how the two compared but I liked the coolness of application so much that I soon applied it to the other eye too.

The puffiness was reduced (not removed) and my eyes appeared more open. I took some photos so that I could compare the before and after look but I’m not brave enough to share. However, there is a noticeable difference which I’m very happy with. I’ll certainly be using it on bad days in the future. Anything which reduces those awful puffy eyes is a welcome find. I don’t get any warning about Wonky Eye so never know from one day to the next what they’re going to look like. The fact that the effects of this gel are instant makes it a great solution.

I’ve also mentioned before how important it is to ensure that the under eye area is moisturised as this helps to minimise wrinkles and dark circles in the long run. If you apply this in the morning (after eye cream), I am sure it will help to keep the delicate under eye skin moisturised. It’s not marketed as a moisturiser but it’s a gel so does have moisturising properties. Incidentally, it also smells lovely …a little minty.

I’m going to keep using this for a while and may include an update on this post after a week or so, so if you’re interested to see how it performs over time, keep your eye on the blog.

Lou x

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