March 2015 Birchbox Review

Well, this is novel. I’m actually reviewing the contents of the March Birchbox shortly after receiving it. How very unlike me!

I promise I will catch up on the January and February box reviews but let’s get this one sorted first.

photo 1 (27)

I was super excited when I opened the parcel as I discovered a colourful Habitat box. A Habitat/Birchbox collaboration may seem like somewhat of a mismatch but the older you get the more you value things for the home, so I was excited. 😀

I expected something lovely for the home from Habitat. Maybe a scented candle, I thought, or some pretty coasters.

Here is what I found inside:

photo 2 (28)

The Habitat item? A small red notebook.

Hang on… I’m having Benefit Advent Calendar flashbacks. :/ What a load of old… well, you get the gist.

To be fair there is also a 20% discount voucher to spend in Habitat stores or online but I’m not going to use that. I really did have higher hopes.

Turning to the Birchbox staple beauty producs, here is what I got:

  • A (very reasonably sized) bag of Serenity Skincare Dead Sea Bath Salt. Definitely salt – made a sore cuticle sting as I scooped some out of the bag. You can use this in the bath or as an exfoliator. I tried both. It didn’t add anything to the bath (no fragrance or noticeable skin benefits) and although I quite liked it as an exfoliator, actual exfoliator does a better job!
  • A small Lord & Berry Bronzer in Sienna – ok. A slightly unusual creamy powder consistency. Also a little orange for me but will probably be helpful in summer when I have a tan.
  • A sample bottle of Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris – a very feminine fragrance but too sickly sweet for my liking. Let’s say this …it wouldn’t seem out of place on someone 30 years my senior… I wonder how many people I just offended! 😉
  • A small Benefit Roller Lash mascara – whoop, whoop! 😀 I’ve already told you how much I love this stuff. ❤ I knew there was a Benefit mascara in this month’s box as subscribers had the chance to select their fave. They couldn’t guarantee that everyone would receive their first choice but I’m glad I did.
  • A small bottle of Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream (for hair) – actually really impressive. It’s designed to “tame frizz and flyaways” which is a problem I have. I have very fine hair but lots of it, so it often tends to require a bit of taming! This cream makes hair smell beautiful, separates curls and makes your tresses look super sleek and shiny. I’d buy this, although it is quite expensive at around £18/£19 for a 100ml You don’t need to use a lot so a bottle would probably last a long time, but still. I don’t tend to spend much on hair products (although perhaps it shows!!)
  • And finally… (randomly) an extract from the book A Perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi – lost me after the first paragraph. Chick book. Not my cup of tea.

Worth the money this month? Yes, but only because it contained Roller Lash. There are only two products I would consider buying so I’m not blown away this month. I’m thinking of trying Glossybox when my Birchbox subscription finishes. Their March box sounds awesome but I really can’t justify the expense of two subscriptions at the same time and I’ve got 3 more Birchboxes to come!

Lou x

2 thoughts on “March 2015 Birchbox Review

    1. Hey Ashley. 🙂 Ipsy looks great but unfortunately isn’t available in the UK. 😦 Have you used it before? What sort of goodies did you receive? Lou. x


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