Wild About Beauty Golden Beach Bronzer

This is just a quick post to introduce you to Wild About Beauty’s Golden Beach Bronzer. I tried it for the first time today and I LOVE it!


(I forgot to take a photograph before I used it – oops)

As I’m very fair skinned I often find bronzer too heavy, but this is really light to start with and can be built up to a beautiful, deep, natural brown. Coverage is great and the overall finish is smooth and even. I’m definitely going to take this on holiday with me.

I love the fact that it’s matte. Well… mostly! There is a teeny weeny touch of shimmer if you look really closely for it but it’s not noticeable. A (mostly) matte effect makes the look much more natural than a product with a true shimmer.

As you can see, the compact is made up of three different shades. I blended them all together but the possibilities are endless. This is one of those products you can really put to good use. You could use the individual shades for contouring, or as eyeshadow/liner. Alternatively you could mix a shade with clear lipgloss to give lips a bronze tint. This is easier with a loose eyeshadow but you can use a brush to apply some of the compressed powder to a piece of paper and then pick it up with a lip brush and mix it with the gloss.

Take this compact away with a clear lipgloss and a mascara and you’re pretty much set for your summer getaway!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried it and whether you love or hate it.

Lou x

P.S. Don’t neglect your neck – there’s nothing worse than a tidemark! 😉