Giveaway update

Oops! I forgot to post the giveaway update on the actual blog. :/

Anyway – I’ve added more goodies to the prize bundle including Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser (I’m spoiling you!) and a FULL SIZE So Susan flutter mascara. Don’t forget the winner also gets to choose a Benefit Box O’ Powder. This is a lovely bundle of beauty treats!

11750635_854914784543764_8367785326619948757_n          11811528_863431193692123_3217088740682387645_n


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9 days to go. Good luck!

Lou x

Skincare Update and AMAZING beauty buy available now! Time Bomb Skincare and Omorovicza Budapest Thermal Cleansing Balm

Hey guys.

I have been meaning to update you about my skincare routine for a while and I’ve had an email about a beauty box which has prompted me to do it.

Read on for a skincare update and an amazing beauty buy, available now (no – I’m not getting anything to tell you about this, I just think it’s a great deal!)

cleansing balm

I’ve been using a Omorovicza Budapest Thermal Cleansing Balm for a few days now. It’s black, which is weird and a little off-putting at first. When you first apply it, it looks like you’ve smeared tar on your face but when you start to massage it in, the colour disappears. It’s very rich in oil and you can feel the residue it leaves on your skin. You apply it to dry skin, in circular motions, moving inwards towards your eyes. It’s very effective in removing makeup. I was surprised by how well it removed eye makeup in particular. The consistency changes as your massage it in and by the time you reach your eyes it’s a thick oil texture. Massage the oil gently over your eyes to remove eye makeup. It does leave a little mascara residue underneath your lower lashes (or at least it did when I used it) but it’s easy to just wipe that away. You then just wipe the balm off. I’ve been using a muslin cloth.

Before you even think of putting moisturiser on, your skin feels soft and smooth after using this cleanser.

It’s so easy too! It’s a one step cleanser for face, neck (don’t forget your neck) and eyes.

I love it, but it’s stupidly expensive. It costs £46 for 50ml. Ridick! No matter how impressed I am I’m not spending £46 on cleanser. I’ll stick to Tropic’s Smoothing Cleanser at £15 for 120ml, thank you very much! Still, I will enjoy using the rest of this pot.

Moving on to night cream… I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for a new contender. Well, now I’ve found it. It’s Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream.


I had a sample of the day cream version of this some time ago and I loved the smell. It smells of lavender – gorgeous! I know lavender is a bit of a grandma thing but it is having a bit of a revival (hooray!). I was also quite impressed with the effects of the day cream after a few days. The consistency wasn’t right (I actually thought it was a little to thick for day cream and too thin for night cream) so I thought I’d try the night version.

Again, full price is a bit ridiculous at £73 for 100ml (whaaaaaaa?????) but we’ll come on to that shortly!

Anyway, you don’t need much – a little goes a long way. Again, don’t forget your neck which is a real give-away, age-wise, so it’s important not to neglect it. Also (slightly off topic) your elbows are a bit of a give-away too. I think a relative told me when I was young to moisturise my elbows so I do that every time I apply hand cream. I’m really glad I have. No one likes a wrinkly elbow! 😛

Back to the night cream… I was initially a little disappointed that it doesn’t smell as lavendery (yeah – that’s a word now) as the day cream, but the effects soon made me forgive it that. It feels lovely to apply and leaves skin feeling soft and super smooth.

Having used this combination of products for a few days, my skin feels fab. It feels soft, smooth and slightly springy! I’m really impressed. I just need to find an impressive eye cream and I’m all set.

On to the beauty bargain!

If you fancy giving Time Bomb a try, this is a brilliant deal. It’s a Time Bomb beauty box worth a whopping £105 for only £19.99 including P&P!

Visit and you will get:

Take off Time Cleansing Cream (125ml) – RRP £15.00
Creamy, moisturising cleanser contains professional grade crystals to gently buff away skin’s dull, dry surface layer and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.


Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H2Omega (100ml) – RRP £24.00
A modern tonic loaded with omega-rich Coconut Oil and Chia Oil includes two potent Hyaluronic Acids for a hydrated, smooth supple complexion.


Glory Days Day Cream (45ml) – RRP £28.00
4-in-1 multi-tasking day cream that moisturises, primes, tightens and brightens. Leaves skin smooth and flawless


Flashback Night Cream (45ml) – RRP £33.00
Light, imperceptible cream acts like a paraffin wax treatment to lock in moisture and potent anti-aging actives overnight. Wake to visibly smoother, plumper, dewy-fresh skin.


Polishing Pads (10 pads) RRP £5.50
Perfect skin-polishing partners to Take Off Time Cleansing Cream.





It’s limited to 3 per person. I’ve already ordered my 3 – it’s too good to miss!


The only downside is that you have to wait until September for delivery (boo, hiss!)

It’s a limited offer – possibly today only. The Ts&Cs say all orders must be received by 29th July (does that mean before 29th or on 29th??)


Anyway, enjoy…


Lou x

Clinique Chubby Stick: Sculpting Contour and Highlight.

First of all I have to thank my (incidentally wonderful) friend Anna for introducing me to these nifty little bad boys. She brought a Clinique sculpting contour Chubby Stick to show me when she visited last week and as soon as I tried it I instantly fell in love.



It’s a creamy defining product which is super easy to apply and blends in beautifully. I think I’ve mentioned before my love of Benefit Dallas bronzer which I use nearly every day now and I contour with that a little, but it’s a very subtle look. I’ve also tried full-on contouring with powder but find I end up looking like I have far too much makeup on which really isn’t me. Although it’s ok for an occasional night out, it’s not a sustainable look for me. With these chubby sticks, the too much makeup look isn’t a problem. The contour colour looks quite dark but don’t let that put you off. I was quite bold in my application to start with and I found that it gave me instant cheekbones. I mean, AMAZE! 😀 – I don’t usually have any cheekbone definition! The consistency is lovely and creamy and blends in really easily, so you don’t look like you’ve plastered it on with a trowel.

Pretty much as soon as Anna left I was online ordering my own. I decided to get the accompanying highlighter too and I’m really glad I did. Anna – you would like it too! It’s not glittery or obvious. It has a slight pink hue and subtly highlights the areas you choose to apply it to. I really like its subtlety and it leaves your skin looking pretty and dewy.

Here they are on the back of my arm, straight after application and then when blended.

FullSizeRender    IMG_2981

You can apply the chubby sticks on their own or over foundation. When they arrived I first went for a ‘day look’ over my foundation and applied a little of the sculpting stick in the usual contour places (top of forehead, sides of the nose, jawline and hollows of the cheeks) and a little of the highlighter to the forehead, brow bone, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and cupid’s bow. I blended using a foundation brush and like I said …instant definition. In fact I don’t think I’m ever going to leave the house again without the highlighter on my brow bone and cupid’s bow at least! 😉

I then applied a little more for more of an evening look. It was easily buildable and blended really well, adding further definition. I’m really happy with these, both for day and evening looks.

I did take some pictures but I hated them all. I mean, actually HATED them! I’m not a fan of photos of myself at the best of times and I think I’m having one of those ‘ugly days’ today.

Anyway, here’s a generic contour picture in substitution of a photo of me (much better!)


If you do decide to try this contour malarkey out, these are the places you should start with in your contouring. Your own facial features may dictate that you want to miss some areas or highlight different features. For example, if you have a particularly slim nose you may not want to make it appear thinner by highlighting the bridge and contouring the sides. If you have a dimple in your chin (I wish I did – I think they’re so cute!) you might want to add a little definition there with the darker shade. Experiment to see what works for you.

I would recommend taking photos while you are experimenting. It’s often easier to be objective if you’re looking at a picture rather than the mirror and you can easily compare one look with another.

The chubby sticks are well worth investing in if contouring is something you’re already sold on or would like to try. I expect they will last ages as you get quite a lot of product for your money (they twist up). Now that I’ve found these, I won’t be buying any other contour products or highlighter. I’m totally sold!

If you decide to invest, let me know in the comments! Do you have any other contouring tips?

Lou x


Hey, hey, hey! It’s COMPETITION TIME!! 😀

How to enter

Loyal Facebookers already have 3 entries! 🙂 To earn more you should LIKE Wonk & Warpaint on Facebook, LIKE and SHARE the competition post and (in the comments), tag friends you think might be interested in the blog. Each person you tag who subsequently LIKES the page on Facebook earns you an extra entry, so please make sure your friends like the page and not just the picture!

Current WordPress followers also start with 3 entries. You can boost your chances of winning by asking your friends to follow the blog and PMing me with their email addresses so that I can track the referral.

What you’ll win

competition 2

A makeup bag full of treats including: an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Smoke, two Superdrug facemasks, a vial of Instantly Ageless (that stuff everyone’s been raving about!), Nourish Advanced Cellular Skin Perfection Golden Glow Toning Body Shimmer… (pause for breath)… an Elf Brightening Eye Colour palette in ‘Pretty n Pink’, a travel sized tube of Mary Cohr enriched moisturising cream, samples of Benefit Porefessional and English Laundry No. 7 perfume, a cute pack of nail art stickers, a pink leopard print purse with a set of toe separators, two travel sized makeup brushes and two twist in hairpins.

PLUUUUUUSSSSSS…….. YOUR CHOICE OF FULL SIZED BENEFIT BOX O’POWDER! You can have: Dandelion (ballerina pink), Hoola (Benefit’s best-selling bronzer), Sugarbomb (multi-shade (peach/plum/pink/rose)), Hervana (multi-shade), Rockateur (rose gold), Coralista (coral pink), Dallas (my fave – an outdoor glow for an indoor gal) or, if you prefer, you could have a full sized Roller Lash Mascara! ❤

my powders

(My Boxes O’Powder for illustrative purposes!)

Other important stuff

Competition closes at 23:59 on August 9th 2015. The winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries.  I will announce the winner on the Facebook page and blog on or after August 10th. The winner will have 48 hours from the time the announcement is made to claim their prize. If they fail to do so another winner will be selected.

Good luck!

Lou x

One-Off Beauty Box: Latest In Beauty & Heart collaboration.

Ok, first of all, an apology. I’m sorry for the extended absence. There will be a competition post up very soon so keep an eye on the blog. I’ve already put the prize package together and I think you’re going to like the little extra it will come with. 🙂

So… I want to tell you about a recent discovery and no, I’m not being paid to do so!

As you’ll know by now, I LOVE beauty boxes. If you’ve always fancied trying one but don’t want to subscribe, there are a few sites you can buy one off boxes from. Latest In Beauty is one of them.

My most recent discovery is the Heart radio collaboration, here:

This box is packed with goodies valued at over £70 but costs just £15 (plus £3.95 P&P). Use discount code HELLO10 to get an additional 10% off (you’re welcome! 😉 )

Heart Beauty Box

This is an absolutely PACKED box which contains:

  1. Nails Inc Gel Effect polish in Hyde Park Place (grey)

This made me realise I actually really like a grey nail! I’m not sure what it supposed to make it a ‘gel effect’ polish though. It doesn’t apply like a gel. It is quite glossy, so perhaps that’s it, although it’s definitely not as glossy as a gel. This sort of thing annoys me… gel effect?? Gel and standard polish are completely different. It’s one or the other! Anyway, rant over. I prefer this shade in a matte finish so I used a matte top coat. It lasted well. No chipping at all for a couple of days, so wear-wise it’s pretty good.

  1. Knelpp Devil’s Claw Herbal Bath

This is supposed to ease tension in the back, neck and shoulders. I found it turned the bath a murky shade of red and smelled slightly medicinal. I didn’t notice any particularly relaxing effects. I’m not a fan and wouldn’t buy it.

3. Green People Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator

This is quite a thick cream although sinks into skin well. I think I detect a touch of lavender in the scent. It smells nice. You do need quite a bit for decent coverage. It’s supposed to contain a natural tan accelerator (there is no fake tan content so you won’t end up looking like a streaky Oompa-Loompa) although I can’t say whether it did accelerate my tan or not. It’s a small tube and the label is very difficult to read, so I had a look online for information about UVA coverage. I thought I may be missing it amongst the tiny writing. Well, there’s no indication as to what the UVA protection (we all know that’s the important one… right?? I hope so!)  is using the usual star rating. It apparently offers “effective, broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UBV rays.” Hmm…” In the absence of a star rating I’d be reluctant to rely on this for UVA protection.

  1. BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

You get two reasonably sized tester sachets in shades Vanilla (02) and Natural (05). I tried the darker shade, Natural with my slight tan and it was still a little light but I added a bit of bronzer and colour matched! It actually gives reasonable coverage. This is ok. I think the lighter shade would probably suit my winter skin and I’ll give it a go when I’m back to being pale!

  1. Philosophy 3-in-1 cleanser

There’s no indication on the packaging what the 3 actions are but in the box you’ll find an information leaflet which indicates that it “removes makeup, cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates.” Well, it removes makeup no problem. I wouldn’t say it particularly tones or hydrates though, and it smells a little like the sort of glue you use in school! Not great. :/

6. Wild About Beauty eyeshadow in shade Eva (07)

This is ok. It’s a fairly uninspired brown. It packs quite a punch – the colour is quite dense which is great as long as you use it sparingly. I’m not blown away by it.

  1. Vichy Idealia Life Serum

A day serum as opposed to something to be added to your night time routine. It has a slight pinkish tint when applied (although the serum itself is white) and it reflects light beautifully. However, apply it under moisturiser and this effect is lost, so I’d apply it alone or over moisturiser. It does seem to minimise the appearance of pores and all in all I’m quite impressed with its effects. I’d buy this.

  1. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool firming Effect Gels

Well, these are weird! If you’ve ever used one of those cooling migraine forehead pad thingies, you get the idea. These are under eye versions. I’ve never even heard of this sort of thing before but wow – I love them and I’m definitely buying a stock of them. My under eye circles were immediately improved and puffiness reduced after using these bad boys. I looked much more rested. Conclusion: weird but wonderful!

  1. DOVE Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner (two tubes – not an all in one product)

This is meant to “increase elasticity while simultaneously leaving hair smelling gorgeous.” It does smell nice but I don’t feel like it had any effect on the hair’s texture. I use another Dove shampoo/conditioner combo and this won’t be replacing it.

  1. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

This smells ok – not fantastic. I’m a little disappointed as I love the Balance Me facial oils (particularly Rose Otto) and was hoping for a similarly delicious smell. Anyway, that aside this would make a reasonable weekly skin treat. It contains exfoliating walnut shell to remove dead skin. Simply massage in to skin, leave for 5 minutes and remove with a damp cloth. It does leave skin feeling quite soft but I can’t see any major benefits over and above your bog standard (and much cheaper) exfoliator. Perhaps I’m doing it a disservice. I will keep trying it for a while and see whether there are any long-term effects to report.

  1. Le Couvent des Minimes Cloisters Eau Du Cloitre Rose & Berries moisturising hand cream (What a mouthful…. not literally! Do not eat…)

This is more of a balm than a cream. It smells absolutely divine and leaves hands feeling instantly soft and smooth. For hours after application, hands feel hydrated. I really like this. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for it.

  1. Amie Hydrating Daily Moisturiser

This light moisturising lotion sinks in beautifully and makes skin feel smooth. It would make a good base for foundation.

  1. Face Cloth

This is a supercute expandable face cloth. It’s heart shaped and far too cute to open right now – I’m going to save it for guests. 😀

Disclaimer: If by the time you read this the boxes are no longer available, apologies! I hope you still find the reviews of the individual products helpful and if you have any questions I’ve not already answered, please let me know in the comments below.

Finally, we need to talk about Ombre. Ombre lips?? Really??? Ick. Not only a horrendous throwback from the 90s, also a sure fire way of looking like your lippy is wearing off before you even leave the house. Seriously?? NO!!!! #saynotoombre

Lou x