One-Off Beauty Box: Latest In Beauty & Heart collaboration.

Ok, first of all, an apology. I’m sorry for the extended absence. There will be a competition post up very soon so keep an eye on the blog. I’ve already put the prize package together and I think you’re going to like the little extra it will come with. 🙂

So… I want to tell you about a recent discovery and no, I’m not being paid to do so!

As you’ll know by now, I LOVE beauty boxes. If you’ve always fancied trying one but don’t want to subscribe, there are a few sites you can buy one off boxes from. Latest In Beauty is one of them.

My most recent discovery is the Heart radio collaboration, here:

This box is packed with goodies valued at over £70 but costs just £15 (plus £3.95 P&P). Use discount code HELLO10 to get an additional 10% off (you’re welcome! 😉 )

Heart Beauty Box

This is an absolutely PACKED box which contains:

  1. Nails Inc Gel Effect polish in Hyde Park Place (grey)

This made me realise I actually really like a grey nail! I’m not sure what it supposed to make it a ‘gel effect’ polish though. It doesn’t apply like a gel. It is quite glossy, so perhaps that’s it, although it’s definitely not as glossy as a gel. This sort of thing annoys me… gel effect?? Gel and standard polish are completely different. It’s one or the other! Anyway, rant over. I prefer this shade in a matte finish so I used a matte top coat. It lasted well. No chipping at all for a couple of days, so wear-wise it’s pretty good.

  1. Knelpp Devil’s Claw Herbal Bath

This is supposed to ease tension in the back, neck and shoulders. I found it turned the bath a murky shade of red and smelled slightly medicinal. I didn’t notice any particularly relaxing effects. I’m not a fan and wouldn’t buy it.

3. Green People Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator

This is quite a thick cream although sinks into skin well. I think I detect a touch of lavender in the scent. It smells nice. You do need quite a bit for decent coverage. It’s supposed to contain a natural tan accelerator (there is no fake tan content so you won’t end up looking like a streaky Oompa-Loompa) although I can’t say whether it did accelerate my tan or not. It’s a small tube and the label is very difficult to read, so I had a look online for information about UVA coverage. I thought I may be missing it amongst the tiny writing. Well, there’s no indication as to what the UVA protection (we all know that’s the important one… right?? I hope so!)  is using the usual star rating. It apparently offers “effective, broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UBV rays.” Hmm…” In the absence of a star rating I’d be reluctant to rely on this for UVA protection.

  1. BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

You get two reasonably sized tester sachets in shades Vanilla (02) and Natural (05). I tried the darker shade, Natural with my slight tan and it was still a little light but I added a bit of bronzer and colour matched! It actually gives reasonable coverage. This is ok. I think the lighter shade would probably suit my winter skin and I’ll give it a go when I’m back to being pale!

  1. Philosophy 3-in-1 cleanser

There’s no indication on the packaging what the 3 actions are but in the box you’ll find an information leaflet which indicates that it “removes makeup, cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates.” Well, it removes makeup no problem. I wouldn’t say it particularly tones or hydrates though, and it smells a little like the sort of glue you use in school! Not great. :/

6. Wild About Beauty eyeshadow in shade Eva (07)

This is ok. It’s a fairly uninspired brown. It packs quite a punch – the colour is quite dense which is great as long as you use it sparingly. I’m not blown away by it.

  1. Vichy Idealia Life Serum

A day serum as opposed to something to be added to your night time routine. It has a slight pinkish tint when applied (although the serum itself is white) and it reflects light beautifully. However, apply it under moisturiser and this effect is lost, so I’d apply it alone or over moisturiser. It does seem to minimise the appearance of pores and all in all I’m quite impressed with its effects. I’d buy this.

  1. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool firming Effect Gels

Well, these are weird! If you’ve ever used one of those cooling migraine forehead pad thingies, you get the idea. These are under eye versions. I’ve never even heard of this sort of thing before but wow – I love them and I’m definitely buying a stock of them. My under eye circles were immediately improved and puffiness reduced after using these bad boys. I looked much more rested. Conclusion: weird but wonderful!

  1. DOVE Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner (two tubes – not an all in one product)

This is meant to “increase elasticity while simultaneously leaving hair smelling gorgeous.” It does smell nice but I don’t feel like it had any effect on the hair’s texture. I use another Dove shampoo/conditioner combo and this won’t be replacing it.

  1. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

This smells ok – not fantastic. I’m a little disappointed as I love the Balance Me facial oils (particularly Rose Otto) and was hoping for a similarly delicious smell. Anyway, that aside this would make a reasonable weekly skin treat. It contains exfoliating walnut shell to remove dead skin. Simply massage in to skin, leave for 5 minutes and remove with a damp cloth. It does leave skin feeling quite soft but I can’t see any major benefits over and above your bog standard (and much cheaper) exfoliator. Perhaps I’m doing it a disservice. I will keep trying it for a while and see whether there are any long-term effects to report.

  1. Le Couvent des Minimes Cloisters Eau Du Cloitre Rose & Berries moisturising hand cream (What a mouthful…. not literally! Do not eat…)

This is more of a balm than a cream. It smells absolutely divine and leaves hands feeling instantly soft and smooth. For hours after application, hands feel hydrated. I really like this. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for it.

  1. Amie Hydrating Daily Moisturiser

This light moisturising lotion sinks in beautifully and makes skin feel smooth. It would make a good base for foundation.

  1. Face Cloth

This is a supercute expandable face cloth. It’s heart shaped and far too cute to open right now – I’m going to save it for guests. 😀

Disclaimer: If by the time you read this the boxes are no longer available, apologies! I hope you still find the reviews of the individual products helpful and if you have any questions I’ve not already answered, please let me know in the comments below.

Finally, we need to talk about Ombre. Ombre lips?? Really??? Ick. Not only a horrendous throwback from the 90s, also a sure fire way of looking like your lippy is wearing off before you even leave the house. Seriously?? NO!!!! #saynotoombre

Lou x

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