Clinique Chubby Stick: Sculpting Contour and Highlight.

First of all I have to thank my (incidentally wonderful) friend Anna for introducing me to these nifty little bad boys. She brought a Clinique sculpting contour Chubby Stick to show me when she visited last week and as soon as I tried it I instantly fell in love.



It’s a creamy defining product which is super easy to apply and blends in beautifully. I think I’ve mentioned before my love of Benefit Dallas bronzer which I use nearly every day now and I contour with that a little, but it’s a very subtle look. I’ve also tried full-on contouring with powder but find I end up looking like I have far too much makeup on which really isn’t me. Although it’s ok for an occasional night out, it’s not a sustainable look for me. With these chubby sticks, the too much makeup look isn’t a problem. The contour colour looks quite dark but don’t let that put you off. I was quite bold in my application to start with and I found that it gave me instant cheekbones. I mean, AMAZE! 😀 – I don’t usually have any cheekbone definition! The consistency is lovely and creamy and blends in really easily, so you don’t look like you’ve plastered it on with a trowel.

Pretty much as soon as Anna left I was online ordering my own. I decided to get the accompanying highlighter too and I’m really glad I did. Anna – you would like it too! It’s not glittery or obvious. It has a slight pink hue and subtly highlights the areas you choose to apply it to. I really like its subtlety and it leaves your skin looking pretty and dewy.

Here they are on the back of my arm, straight after application and then when blended.

FullSizeRender    IMG_2981

You can apply the chubby sticks on their own or over foundation. When they arrived I first went for a ‘day look’ over my foundation and applied a little of the sculpting stick in the usual contour places (top of forehead, sides of the nose, jawline and hollows of the cheeks) and a little of the highlighter to the forehead, brow bone, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and cupid’s bow. I blended using a foundation brush and like I said …instant definition. In fact I don’t think I’m ever going to leave the house again without the highlighter on my brow bone and cupid’s bow at least! 😉

I then applied a little more for more of an evening look. It was easily buildable and blended really well, adding further definition. I’m really happy with these, both for day and evening looks.

I did take some pictures but I hated them all. I mean, actually HATED them! I’m not a fan of photos of myself at the best of times and I think I’m having one of those ‘ugly days’ today.

Anyway, here’s a generic contour picture in substitution of a photo of me (much better!)


If you do decide to try this contour malarkey out, these are the places you should start with in your contouring. Your own facial features may dictate that you want to miss some areas or highlight different features. For example, if you have a particularly slim nose you may not want to make it appear thinner by highlighting the bridge and contouring the sides. If you have a dimple in your chin (I wish I did – I think they’re so cute!) you might want to add a little definition there with the darker shade. Experiment to see what works for you.

I would recommend taking photos while you are experimenting. It’s often easier to be objective if you’re looking at a picture rather than the mirror and you can easily compare one look with another.

The chubby sticks are well worth investing in if contouring is something you’re already sold on or would like to try. I expect they will last ages as you get quite a lot of product for your money (they twist up). Now that I’ve found these, I won’t be buying any other contour products or highlighter. I’m totally sold!

If you decide to invest, let me know in the comments! Do you have any other contouring tips?

Lou x

2 thoughts on “Clinique Chubby Stick: Sculpting Contour and Highlight.

  1. Think I need to come for another makeover!!! Although in the meantime I’ll let jacob have a go with his crayons I think he’ll do a better job than me!!!! Xx

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