Skincare Update and AMAZING beauty buy available now! Time Bomb Skincare and Omorovicza Budapest Thermal Cleansing Balm

Hey guys.

I have been meaning to update you about my skincare routine for a while and I’ve had an email about a beauty box which has prompted me to do it.

Read on for a skincare update and an amazing beauty buy, available now (no – I’m not getting anything to tell you about this, I just think it’s a great deal!)

cleansing balm

I’ve been using a Omorovicza Budapest Thermal Cleansing Balm for a few days now. It’s black, which is weird and a little off-putting at first. When you first apply it, it looks like you’ve smeared tar on your face but when you start to massage it in, the colour disappears. It’s very rich in oil and you can feel the residue it leaves on your skin. You apply it to dry skin, in circular motions, moving inwards towards your eyes. It’s very effective in removing makeup. I was surprised by how well it removed eye makeup in particular. The consistency changes as your massage it in and by the time you reach your eyes it’s a thick oil texture. Massage the oil gently over your eyes to remove eye makeup. It does leave a little mascara residue underneath your lower lashes (or at least it did when I used it) but it’s easy to just wipe that away. You then just wipe the balm off. I’ve been using a muslin cloth.

Before you even think of putting moisturiser on, your skin feels soft and smooth after using this cleanser.

It’s so easy too! It’s a one step cleanser for face, neck (don’t forget your neck) and eyes.

I love it, but it’s stupidly expensive. It costs £46 for 50ml. Ridick! No matter how impressed I am I’m not spending £46 on cleanser. I’ll stick to Tropic’s Smoothing Cleanser at £15 for 120ml, thank you very much! Still, I will enjoy using the rest of this pot.

Moving on to night cream… I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for a new contender. Well, now I’ve found it. It’s Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream.


I had a sample of the day cream version of this some time ago and I loved the smell. It smells of lavender – gorgeous! I know lavender is a bit of a grandma thing but it is having a bit of a revival (hooray!). I was also quite impressed with the effects of the day cream after a few days. The consistency wasn’t right (I actually thought it was a little to thick for day cream and too thin for night cream) so I thought I’d try the night version.

Again, full price is a bit ridiculous at £73 for 100ml (whaaaaaaa?????) but we’ll come on to that shortly!

Anyway, you don’t need much – a little goes a long way. Again, don’t forget your neck which is a real give-away, age-wise, so it’s important not to neglect it. Also (slightly off topic) your elbows are a bit of a give-away too. I think a relative told me when I was young to moisturise my elbows so I do that every time I apply hand cream. I’m really glad I have. No one likes a wrinkly elbow! 😛

Back to the night cream… I was initially a little disappointed that it doesn’t smell as lavendery (yeah – that’s a word now) as the day cream, but the effects soon made me forgive it that. It feels lovely to apply and leaves skin feeling soft and super smooth.

Having used this combination of products for a few days, my skin feels fab. It feels soft, smooth and slightly springy! I’m really impressed. I just need to find an impressive eye cream and I’m all set.

On to the beauty bargain!

If you fancy giving Time Bomb a try, this is a brilliant deal. It’s a Time Bomb beauty box worth a whopping £105 for only £19.99 including P&P!

Visit and you will get:

Take off Time Cleansing Cream (125ml) – RRP £15.00
Creamy, moisturising cleanser contains professional grade crystals to gently buff away skin’s dull, dry surface layer and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.


Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H2Omega (100ml) – RRP £24.00
A modern tonic loaded with omega-rich Coconut Oil and Chia Oil includes two potent Hyaluronic Acids for a hydrated, smooth supple complexion.


Glory Days Day Cream (45ml) – RRP £28.00
4-in-1 multi-tasking day cream that moisturises, primes, tightens and brightens. Leaves skin smooth and flawless


Flashback Night Cream (45ml) – RRP £33.00
Light, imperceptible cream acts like a paraffin wax treatment to lock in moisture and potent anti-aging actives overnight. Wake to visibly smoother, plumper, dewy-fresh skin.


Polishing Pads (10 pads) RRP £5.50
Perfect skin-polishing partners to Take Off Time Cleansing Cream.





It’s limited to 3 per person. I’ve already ordered my 3 – it’s too good to miss!


The only downside is that you have to wait until September for delivery (boo, hiss!)

It’s a limited offer – possibly today only. The Ts&Cs say all orders must be received by 29th July (does that mean before 29th or on 29th??)


Anyway, enjoy…


Lou x

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