Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 1.

Okay, here we go. 🙂

The calendar I decided to open first is the Look Fantastic 2015 Advent Calendar. It’s called ‘The Beauty Secret’ and is designed to look like a huge old tome!

Here it is…:


Pretty, huh? Also, it is HUGE. I mean, H_U_G_E_! I know you can’t really get scale in photos like this so I placed a standard sized bottle of Ciate polish on it. Everyone knows how big a nail polish is, right? It’s also really deep so I’m hoping the goodies I’ll find inside will all be reasonably sized.

The reason I decided to open this one first is because you get an email every day about the item behind the door. I can either unsubscribe from the mailing list, ignore my email for a month or open this one first. I’ll feel I’m missing out if there’s good stuff sitting undiscovered in my inbox!

So, day 1.

It’s a bottle of Moroccanoil (all one word, apparently). I’ve used other Argan oils previously but I don’t remember trying this one. It’s a decent 25ml size. This size bottle is available from Look Fantastic for £13.95 although you can get a larger 100ml bottle from Look Fantastic (and elsewhere) for £31.85. Anyway, as for the value of the first item – it’s a great start. The calendar itself cost £70, so that’s £56.05 I’m expecting to come (and then some).

Here’s today’s email:


And here’s the oil:

I’ll start the review by saying that I get most compliments on my hair when I’ve done nothing with it. I’ve always had ringlets when I leave my hair to dry naturally. I brush it when it’s wet (although I’ve had conflicting advice about whether that’s a good idea over the years) and then I usually just leave it alone. I don’t tend to use much in the way of product (although as you can probably guess I’ve got quite a few!)

On the rare occasions I’m straightening my hair or blow drying it I’ll always use a heat protector and (because my hair can be a little frizzy) occasionally I’ll add some serum into the mix.

I left my hair to dry naturally last night so I’ve got my ringlets by the a.m. You can use this oil on damp or dry hair so I warm a few drops between my palms and run it through the mid-lengths to the ends. If you’re using an oil based product I find that avoiding the roots is always a good idea!

The oil smells lovely and seems to instantly tame some of the flyaways. It’s doesn’t feel heavy or weigh the hair down so I’m brave and add a little more. My hair looks shiny which is something I’m always looking to achieve but haven’t quite managed before. It seems to me that shiny and blonde tend to be mutually exclusive terms. When I’ve used serums and oils before I’ve struggled to find the balance between enough to give it a bit of shine and not too much so that it makes the hair greasy. With this, it seems that balancing act is a little more achievable.

Adding the oil means I have to run my fingers through and lose my ringlets but that’s ok. It’s still wavy although I’d love to use the oil AND keep the ringlets. I’ll have to try it on wet hair in a day or two, to see if that’s do-able. It’s supposed to speed up drying time too – I’ll reserve judgement on that claim for now.

I don’t get any compliments at work. 😥 No one comments on my hair at all. To me this means (a) the oil hasn’t made my hair look greasy (I have good friends in the office who I’d hope would tell me if I looked a state!) and (b) the positive effects of the oil aren’t outstanding. I’ll take that! In reality, it might just mean everyone was too busy to notice my hair and/or were too polite to comment! 😉

I have a midday check-in. My hair still looks shiny but those flyaways are back. I could definitely have added more oil this morning. I should have brought it with me.

It’s 7pm now and it’s flyaway-a-go-go. Also still kinda shiny though.

Amazability: 6.5/10. I like it and I’m looking forward to trying it on damp hair. I may even add it to my regular haircare routine but it hasn’t blown me away and I’d have liked longer lasting flyaway taming. There’s a ‘light’ version which is apparently best for fine or light coloured hair and I’d try that if I were to buy a bottle.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note (consider this a public service announcement!), Rihanna UK tour 2016 tickets go on sale this Thursday so if you’re a fan, get online from 9am!

See you tomorrow.

Lou x


P.S. Whoops – sorry. Rihanna tix available from 9am on Thursday, so I’ve updated the above!

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