Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 2.

I am officially in love with this calendar and it’s only day 2.


My reaction when I discovered this morning’s treat was “Oh my God, it’s Lord & Berry!” Not only is this a brand I’m already a huge fan of, it’s also something I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about for a long time.

Until fairly recently, I wasn’t much of a lipstick kinda gal. I hated the fact that you had to keep reapplying it throughout the day – that’s really not my style. I love makeup (obviously!) but I want to do it once and I want it to last.

However, as soon as I discovered Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick in one of my beauty boxes, I became a lippy fan. It’s highly pigmented and the colours are beautiful. It’s really easy to apply (as easy as a crayon sounds!), comes in matte or shiny shades and lasts AAAAGGGGEESS. You can apply it in the morning, have your coffee and breakfast and the colour still looks on point. I top it up once a day (if I remember) and if I’m eating an big meal out I’ll reapply it after eating, but otherwise I can just leave it alone.

I think one of the reasons I’m now a big lippy fan is that I don’t wear it when I’m Wonky (with the exception of today) as I  don’t want to draw attention to my mouth, so when I’m all fixed (I’m having Botox every 12 weeks to paralyse the over-active muscles. I can’t remember whether or not I’ve blogged about that), I get the lippy out and I love it. It’s such a treat. I’m like “Yeah, look at my mega bright lips and fully functioning face!” 😀

I have found that my favourite colour isn’t a single shade, it’s a mix of Scarlett (bright red) and Fuchsia (bright pink). I apply Scarlett, blot then apply Fuchsia over the top and blend with my finger. This gives you a lovely bold pinky red which makes your teeth look white (bonus!) On that note, did you know that if you choose a lipstick with a blue undertone, your teeth will instantly look whiter? There are a lot of pinks with obvious blue undertones but there are lipsticks of any shade with blue undertones too. You just need to be able to identify them and separate them from those with a yellow or orange undertone. Yellow and orange tones won’t do anything to enhance less a than Hollywood white smile.


Anyway, I digress!

Back to today’s treat. It’s not a crayon but it is a lippy. It’s a Lord & Berry Skin Lipgloss, size 6ml and worth in the region of £10.00. The shade is Maraschino:


And here’s today’s email (displaying another shade):


The one I’ve got looks a really dark burgundy and is not a colour I would have picked off the shelves. However, burgundy is apparently in this season. At first glance I’d have preferred the shade in the email, which I presume made an appearance in other people’s calendars this morning. However, I think it looks beautiful on. Here it is, freshly applied (I’m Wonky at the mo so you only get a side-on non-smiley pic I’m afraid)


I applied it first thing, had my breakfast and coffee and had a look in the mirror. Can I just remind you this is a GLOSS. I’ve mentioned before my frustration about the lack of staying power with any gloss I’ve tried. After the brekkie and coffee, the colour has worn from the middle of my lips. What it hasn’t done however is completely disappear. There is a definite colour stain remaining all over. I’m critiquing and looking for a loss of colour so I see it but I think perhaps no one else would even notice.

Anyway, because of its consistency, what you could do when it wears like this is just rub your lips together to distribute the remaining gloss evenly. I reapply it anyway and get on with my day.

My midday check in sees the gloss still going strong but by 2.30 it’s pretty much all gone. I hadn’t eaten my lunch by that time so it was just general wear.

For a gloss, I really like this. It’s Lord & Berry so was always going to go down well with me, but that aside it’s reasonably well-lasting and the colour is fab. It even tastes nice (but that’s not why it wore off, I promise!)

I won’t however be swapping my (mostly matte) crayon lipsticks for gloss though. I love a matte lip.

I’m giving it a 7/10.

See you tomorrow.

Lou x

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