Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 6.


Today, it’s a FULL SIZED eyeliner from Inika, in shade 05 – black caviar.



Can I just say that we’re not even a week into the calendar yet the contents are already so much more impressive than those in the calendars I opened last year. Do you remember those ridiculous hair accessories, paperclips and notepads from the Benefit offering? Well it doesn’t look like there are any ‘filler’ items in this one – it’s all good stuff. I really feel I’m getting my money’s worth.

This eyeliner usually retails for £13.50. I would have liked to try a different colour but I know black is a safe bet when you have to cater for the masses, so I understand why LookFantastic chose it. I do wear black eyeliner (who doesn’t?) but I love colour. Greens, bronzes and purples  are my favourites when it comes to eye makeup.

This is a lovely deep black and has a super soft consistency. It’s easy to apply and the colour is buildable so you could take a more subtle daytime look look easily to evening glam just by adding a little more.

IMG_5972 (2)

It also has a brilliant second lid with a sharpener which I’m definitely keeping after I’ve finished the liner. It will be perfect to put in my holiday makeup bag to replace a separate sharpener.

Now I’ve seen some reviews online for this eyeliner which aren’t particularly favourable. There are complaints of easy smudging although I don’t find that to be the case. I’ve been wearing it since early this morning and it has lasted fine. It’s 5.30pm now and it’s faded a little so could do with a top up but I think that’s pretty good going. There’s no smudging.

Although it’s a perfectly good eyeliner, it’s not a game changer and the jet black Elizabeth Arden Smoky Black eye pencil will remain my go-to black liner.

This is fine though and doesn’t deserve the poor reviews.


Lou x

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