Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 7.

I’m afraid this will have to be a short one as my arm is playing up – apologies.


Today it’s Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue, 25ml so worth around £3 based on the RRP (although it’s currently on offer at LookFantastic.com).

IMG_5885 (2)

It is designed for use on damp hair so I had to wash my hair before work. It claims to provide “heat protection, luminous shine and outstanding condition.”

The bottle suggests only a light misting is required so I didn’t use much. I sprayed it on, brushed through and blow dried my hair.

In terms of shine, it definitely looked silkier than usual. Again though, it’s not as shiny as with the Moroccanoil I now seem to keep going on about!

Turning to conditioning, I have to say my hair feels uber soft. I also think it helped to tame the flyaways to a degree but I could perhaps have used a little more. I will next time and there will definitely BE a next time! I may even switch to this for heat protection from my straighteners. If it has made my hair feel this soft after blow drying, it must withstand heat pretty well.

Good stuff. 7.5/10

Lou x

P.S. By my reckoning, the goodies I’ve got so far (in only the first week) are worth £68.05. The calendar cost only £1.95 more than that and there are many more doors to come!

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