Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 10.

First of all, the verdict on last night’s Cult 51 overnight cream…(drum roll please)…VERY impressive. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s had the most dramatic effect of any cream I’ve tried. My skin this morning was glowing, smooth and soft. If this is the result of one night’s use how would my skin look after a week? A month? I can DEFINITELY get past the fragrance. Now I just need a lottery win… 😉

So, what do we have today??

Okay, Look Fantastic, you’ve got this one spot on! Today is my fave so far. Hands down.

It’s a Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil in shade Satan (unusual name choice…) It’s a lovely bold colour and not a ‘cater for the masses’ safe option. That said, this looks to me like one of those colours that would suit most skin tones.


I tried it on the cheeks first and the colour was easily blendable but I’m a bit rubbish with cream blushes and I’m sure I’m doing it a disservice in the way I apply it. I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced that any form of blusher other than powder is best (or even necessary!)

So…. lippy!

I’ve already mentioned my love of Lord & Berry lipstick crayons so I thought I’d put this one to the test against that. It’s a very similar shade to Lord & Berry’s Scarlet so I wore that on one side and the Nudestix on the other.

Here are the two shades side by side on my hand. Lord & Berry Scarlet is at the top and Nudestix Satan at the bottom.

IMG_6010 (2)

The main reason I fell in love with Lord & Berry was its staying power – it’s a low-maintenance option. How does this one stack up?

Well, after a coffee both sides are still going strong. I check it again a few hours later and still, both sides look pretty good. The Nudestix side is just starting to fade a little in the middle though. It’s not really noticeable to anyone not scrutinising my lipstick for signs of wear!

After my lunch I can see a definite difference between the two sides. Lord & Berry still looks pretty good although is just starting to wear in the middle. Nudestix has faded completely in the middle and I’ve got that heavy lip-liner look going on. A few hours later and the Lord & Berry one is on its way out too.

So in terms of staying power Lord & Berry is still ahead.

HOWEVER…!!! I love the way Nudestix looks. It’s a beautiful, highly pigmented matte shade. Absolutely perfect for me. The Scarlet Lord & Berry isn’t matte but even up against the matte versions I do have, I prefer the Nudestix finish by a mile.

I also prefer the outer lipstick line on the Nudestix side. I didn’t use lip-liner (I often forget – I’m not totally in the swing of this lipstick lark yet) and the Lord & Berry side would definitely have benefited from that. The Nudestix side however is perfect on its own. It has a really nicely defined edge.

Here it is, on its own (excuse the onesie!)


So… dare I say, I think I may be converted! If I have to top my lipstick up just a little more often, I could get used to that for this beautiful finish.

Seriously ladies – give this brand a go. There are lots of pretty colours so you’re bound to find something to suit you. I’m really keen now to try more from the Nudestix range. In addition to the lip & cheek pencils there are a whole host of other pencils and crayons including eye pencils, eyeshadow crayons, lip pens, bronzing pencils and concealer pencils. I mean talk about convenient! You can apply your makeup and just chuck ‘em in your handbag!

9.5/10 (and very well deserved at that – just 0.5 off for not lasting quite as long as Lord & Berry).

Lou x

P.S. I forgot to mention the value. I think this is a mini version (although it’s not small). The full sized version comes in a pretty tin with a mirror and sharpener and costs £24.00.

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