Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 14.


Today, it’s Monu Spa’s Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil – a 35ml bottle. I can’t say how much it’s worth as I can’t find this particular oil for sale solo. There’s a lovely spa gift set here though which includes it and as you’ll see, it’s not a cheap brand!

I’ve tried it today as a shower oil and massage oil. In the shower, a little goes a long way and it seems to lock in moisture well (as shower oils tend to!) As a massage oil, it lasts well, is easy to warm between the palms and feels nice on the skin.

The fragrance contains hints of things I’m not a huge fan of (sandalwood in particular) but as a blend it works and is definitely reminiscent of a spa. Actually, as much as I’m not a fan, sandalwood is supposed to be an antispasmodic amongst other things so it ought to be good for my Wonky muscles! The next time I see her I’m going to ask my massage therapist to use this in place of her usual oil and I will let you know if there is any additional benefit to report.

6/10 – nice but not mega exciting.

Lou x

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