Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 19.

Today we have an eyeshadow (yey – makeup!) It’s Bare Minerals loose powder shadow in Wearable Plum Light. As the name suggests – the shade is very wearable!

I like purple eyeshadows anyway – they make my eyes look green whereas orange based shadows make them look blue. It’s because those colours are at the opposite end of the colour spectrum. Google Colour Wheel, look for your eye colour and choose a shade directly opposite it in the wheel to enhance the natural colour of your eyes. You might be surprised by how much a shade you ordinarily wouldn’t choose suits you. Give it a go! Be brave!

In fact, no… here’s a colour wheel for you. Now you have no excuse!


Anyway – back to this. It’s a lovely matte finish, really easy to apply and lasts an impressively long time. I’ve been wearing it all day. I would say it’s more of a daytime shade but I’ve built it up for this evening so it’s a little deeper now. Here it is:


It’s also crease proof which is great for those of us who aren’t in our 20s anymore.

I really like this and I’m impressed by how well it’s lasted. I’ll definitely buy more.

I don’t have time now so I’ll look into how much it’s worth tomorrow and will come back to update this post.

9/10. Me likey.

Lou x


Update 20.12.15: Based on the RRP of the full sized eyeshadow, this gorgeous little pot is worth just under £7.50.

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