YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 24.

Well, it’s the last day today and with that in mind (and the fact that the final door was huge) I was expecting a fabulous beauty  treat.

What I got instead was this…


It’s Rituals Under a Fig Tree Fragrance Sticks, the mini version worth £14.50.

This is a BEAUTY advent calendar!! I was very disappointed.

That said, I can’t give this a shoddy mark out of ten because for what it is, it’s actually pretty good. The fragrance isn’t something I would have chosen. It’s not unpleasant, just not to my taste. This mini version is recommended for small spaces such as bathrooms so that’s where I’ve put mine. Not only is my bathroom now fragranced, the landing and stairs are too. In fact I can even smell it in the hallway, so it’s definitely effective although not overpowering.

The jar is glass and looks pretty tasteful too.

As tempted as I am to mark it down for being totally out of place in this calendar, I can’t fairly give it less than 7.5/10. It would have been an 8.5 if I’d liked the fragrance.

I will be back tomorrow or the next day to update you on the Bee Good moisturiser. There will then be a follow up blog in a week or so when I’ve used the other two moisturisers and then I’ll let you know which calendar I’ve preferred overall.

Then, of course, there will be that giveaway I’ve been promising! I think you’ll love the prize package this time. 😀

In the meantime, thanks for following the blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll speak to you again soon.

Lou x

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 23.

I’m very excited about this! It’s Rodial’s Stemcell super-food glam balm, 25ml worth £22 based on the full size RRP.


Here’s the blurb:

A super-intensive anti aging multi purpose nourishing balm that can be used in over 100 different ways to feed skin essential nutrients, restore moisture and balance out dehydrated skin. Innovative PhytoCellTec Alp Rose stem cells combine with 3D Hyaluronic Filling Spheres to quickly reduce the look of fine lines and boost appearance of skin’s vitality. Packed with a revitalising cocktail of super-food oils and vitamins skin remains protected and moisturised.

Although I can’t imagine all of the 100 ways you can use it, they do include use as a day or night cream, plumping face mask or eye balm. It can also be used on lips, hands and nails or pretty much any area of the body needing a moisture boost. It claims to provide ‘instant results’ – let’s see!

I have very shoddy cuticles at the moment so let’s give them a shot. …Oh my goodness – it smells AMAZING! ❤  I got what I thought would be enough out of the tube to do one hand and ended up doing both, so that’s a good start. I applied it to the surface of my nails too as I had gel nails on for a little too long recently and they need a bit of TLC. I always apply balm to the nail surface once gels come off as they’re usually not in a brilliant state afterwards. I’m being kind to them now and leaving off the gels for a couple of months. My cuticles are softened immediately. There was enough left over to apply to my knuckles too which are particularly dry at the moment. I think it’s the weather (and I wash my hands too often which my skin doesn’t thank me for).

I really want to do this one justice so let’s come back to it another day when I’ve tried it as a moisturiser. A week or so after the daily blog is finished I’ll come back and update you on this and yesterday’s brightening moisturiser. I do have high hopes for this one!

It’s the last calendar door tomorrow – let’s hope it’s a good one! 😀

Lou x

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 22.

Today’s treat comes courtesy of The Green People. It’s their Age Defy+ 24 hour brightening moisturiser, 10ml worth £12.00.



This is another of those ‘I’ll let you know later’ blogs. Initially I’m not overly impressed but I’ve only used it once.

I’m still using the Bee Good moisturiser, so when I’ve updated you on that one I’ll switch to this and report back.

Lou x

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 21.

I wasn’t particularly optimistic about today’s little treat. It’s a 15ml tube of REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, worth £6.40.


You massage it in in a circular motion, dampen your fingertips and massage again. Then simply leave for one minute and rinse.

I was very sceptical. I mean, how impressive could skincare be in one minute?

Pretty impressive, as it happens.

It’s like a balm containing tiny exfoliating granules. It smells fresh and fruity and feels pleasant to apply.

When I rinsed it off the effects were remarkable. My skin was soft, smooth and looked great. I’ve tried lots of exfoliating products over the years and while some are better than others, I’ve never been as impressed as I am with this.

You’re not supposed to use it too often – once every 3 days is recommended. I’m really looking forward to using it again.

I love it! 10/10

HOWEVER … Please note that unfortunately this isn’t suitable for those with sensitive skin. Boo!! 😦   

Lou x

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 20.

Shampoo & Conditioner today from Philip Kingsley’s Body Building range.

These smell SOOOO fresh!! There’s a hint of baby powder about the fragrance.

The shampoo didn’t foam as well as I hoped it would, so I had to use more than I usually do. The conditioner consistency wasn’t as thick as I was expecting either so that meant I didn’t have to use quite as much as… hang on… this might work for me!

Ordinarily – like anyone with long hair – I use conditioner and shampoo at a disproportionate rate. I usually have to buy two or three conditioners to each shampoo. If I use more of this shampoo and less conditioner it might finally balance out!

I’ve been complaining for a few days that I’m getting fed up with my hair. I’m thinking of a re-style. The ends have been dry and brittle and I’m sure that hasn’t helped but I just feel like a change. I’ve booked myself in for a cut and colour but couldn’t get an appointment for over a month so I’m stuck with what I’ve got for the time being.

This shampoo and conditioner has helped a teeny bit. My hair is definitely softer having used it last night. I can’t say it’s added any more body but my hair does feel generally clean and lighter.

These are generously sized bottles at 75ml each. The shampoo is worth a little over £5 and the conditioner around £6 based on the RRP.

If this is a range you love there are some very large bottles on offer at LookFantastic at the moment. There’s a 1,000ml shampoo worth £68 available at £42 here and the same sized conditioner worth £80 is available for £46 here.

Yes, my hair feels soft and clean. No, it’s not a game-changer.


Lou x

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 19.

More Bee beauty today! This time it’s a Plump & Firm moisturiser courtesy of Bee Good. This 15ml travel size is available here for £9.00.



There’s also a £5.00 off voucher (minimum spend only £5!)

Here’s the blurb:

Suitable for all skin types, especially mature or ageing skin.

This intensive daily moisturiser is bursting with precious, hydrating British honey, antioxidant-rich propolis and potent raspberry seed oil, rich in moisturise-boosting essential fatty acids, to improve the visible signs of ageing and leave skin with a bee-autiful, youthful glow.

Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin’s cells, helping to plump and soften the appearance of fine lines whilst concentrated algae tightens and strengthens the skin.

  • Instantly plumps, firms and smoothes

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • Skin looks and feels intensively hydrated

  • Skin looks dewy with a youthful luminosity

It smells lovely and you only need a little but that’s about all I can tell you at the moment. I used it last night and haven’t noticed any instant effects on my fine lines although it did leave skin feeling hydrated.

This is another of those products I’m going to have to use for a while before I can review it properly. I’ll give it a few days and let you have an update.

Lou x

Update: Bee Venom Eyes & ESPA ProSerum

I think it’s about time I updated you on Heaven Bee Venom Eyes and ESPA ProSerum.

I’ve been using Bee Venom Eyes for 10 days now and ESPA ProSerum for 9.

Heaven Bee Venom Eyes

After only 2 days I was sold. There was (even at that early stage) a marked improvement in my under eye circles, particularly towards the outer edge. I WISH I’d taken photos before I started using it so I could show you how much they have improved. The skin is plumper, much more even and youthful looking. This is by far and away the most impressive eye product I’ve used. You need only a little too so this dinky pot will last me quite some time. That said, I’ve already bought my next one! I thought the chances were there would be a few available on eBay at the mo and I was right. I got another 15ml pot (worth £21.90) for £10 including postage. Bargain!

You do have to be careful buying cosmetics on eBay though. I once bought a ‘Benefit’ product (I think it was a primer) which smelled of wet dog! Gross. It definitely wasn’t genuine and there was no chance I was putting it anywhere near my face! I got my money back but it was a hassle.

My top tips for bagging eBay beauty bargains are:

  • For those of you in the UK: Only buy from UK sellers (set your search results to UK only)
  • Check the seller’s feedback. Read all negative and neutral feedback. If there’s even a hint of any counterfeit item (cosmetics or not), forget it!
  • Check the quantity available and the seller’s other listings. If they’re selling loads of the same product, that’s a red flag. Most of the high-end manufacturers don’t sell wholesale to third parties – they only use established retailers. There are licensed resellers on eBay and if the seller you’re considering buying from is licensed, the item page and their profile will make that clear. If instead the seller is an individual with loads of Mac or Elemis stuff available for example, be cautious.
  • Know what you’re looking for! If you’re after a Mac lipstick, for example, know what the barrel, the box, the point of the lipstick and the shade should look like. If you’ve never had one before ask a friend or Google it! Critically examine the seller’s photo (although some use stock images) and if anything seems off, don’t bother.
  • Allow time for it to go wrong. If you’re buying something for a special occasion, bear in mind that you can never be 100% sure whether what you’re buying on eBay is legit until it arrives. You can get your money back if it isn’t but if you’ve left it too late you won’t have time to get another elsewhere.

My Bee Venom Eyes pot was legit. Hoorah! Before buying I’d checked the photo and compared the pot and seal to that of the pot I already had. The seller only had one 15ml pot available too which she may have got from her own YOU Beauty advent calendar. When it arrived I checked the weight, the pot, the fragrance, feel and consistency of the product against the one I had and all checked out. That’ll keep me in Bee Venom for a while!! 😉 (although now I’ve realised how impressive it is I’d love to try some of the other products in the range…)

ESPA ProSerum

This is another new favourite. The instant hydration boost I mentioned on day 9 has been apparent every time I’ve used it. I love the fragrance and it’s a really pleasant product to use as the consistency is lovely. I definitely prefer it to my usual serum (No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced) and I think my skin prefers it too! As a result of adding this to my skincare regime it generally feels smoother and more supple. I’ve bought a full sized one of these too.

These are brilliant. I love them both.

Heaven Bee Venom Eyes: 10/10 ❤

ESPA ProSerum: 9/10

Lou x