YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 1.

Happy New Year! ūüėÄ I hope you have had a fabulous festive season. Now it’s time for those New Year’s Resolutions. Are any of yours beauty related? I’m determined to make better use of the cosmetics and tools I already have. There are so many I forget to use – that perfect shade of nude lip liner, the scores of abandoned but gorgeous nail polishes, those miraculous Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and the kitten soft face powder brush still in its box. I’m getting them all out this year and¬†I will NOT buy another nail polish until at least June!

But during January, there are still new discoveries to be made.¬†Next up it’s my second 2015 beauty calendar, from YOU Beauty.


A certain little miss helped me open this one…

Behind door number 1 we have Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute. This is a product I’m already familiar with, having found it in a beauty box a while back.

It’s a face mask¬†and¬†moisturiser. You leave it on the face and eye contour area for 10 minutes and then either massage in the excess or remove it (the suggestion is to remove it with Nuxe toner although of course any will do!)

It smells pleasant and the consistency is that of a thick moisturiser. It’s lovely and cooling when initially applied to the skin although as the 10 minutes pass it begins to dry and gets a little less comfortable.

When I used this¬†before, I removed it after the 10 minutes was up. This time I massaged it in. Last time¬†I didn’t notice any particular benefits but leaving¬†it on the skin seems to be the best option as now (around 3¬†hours after application) my skin feels soft and well moisturised.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend using this face mask in the morning (unless you’re removing it instead of massaging it in) and definitely not if you’re applying makeup later¬†–¬†it¬†will just slide right off!! As a night time intensive moisture treatment, it feels pretty good. My skin feels soft and smooth.

However.. the one big drawback which did not impress me at all was the fact that, as it doesn’t all sink into the skin, you’re left with¬†annoying little¬†bits of product all over your face.¬†It’s like the pilling of an old jumper! Not a good look. If you applied it before you went to bed you’d probably find that all the bits came off on the pillow (and ended up in your hair??) but I just spent the last few hours picking them off.

It’s a 50ml¬†tube worth worth ¬£18.50 (a great start, value wise!)

I would have given this 7.5/10 had it not been for the annoying bits left behind. As it is, 6/10.

See you tomorrow!

Lou x

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