YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 5.

Today we’ve got something better suited to the summer months – it’s HD Brows Bronzer, full sized, worth £22 (wowzers!) in shade light/medium.

The compact feels expensive, the mirror is cute and it looks like this would make a handy little handbag item.

I was at work today. In England. In January. As a result, I felt I couldn’t go full on bronzed beach babe without looking somewhat out of place.

I do, however, use Benefit’s Dallas (one of my never-to-be-withouts) everyday for a little subtle contouring, so I replaced that today with the HD Brows bronzer. I would say it contains more golden tones than Dallas so it produced a different effect. It wasn’t quite so effective for contouring although overall the colour looked pretty natural. I didn’t feel like an Oompa Loompa.

When I got home I put more on, building up the colour to a sunkissed glow. Remember that face brush I vowed to use? It came in handy today!

I like that it’s mostly matte although on (very) close inspection there are light reflecting particles which add to the overall glow effect.

Having built up the colour this afternoon I’ve decided that it is just a little too orange for my liking. As I said, it’s not Oompa Loompa orange and I think on top of a natural tan it could actually be quite flattering. However, it’s not the bronzer for me and I won’t be rushing out to buy it. Other than the shade (which is kinda important in a bronzer!), I have no real complaints. It was easy to apply and has lasted well. I’m sure the colour would suit others but it’s just not for me. I think bronzer is as important to colour match as foundation. There’s another shade available – medium/dark (here, if you’re interested).

Admittedly, this was up against some stiff competition. I’ve told you about the Wild About Beauty Golden Beach Bronzer I discovered last year (see the blog here) which I really fell in love with and I’d definitely choose that over this – no contest.

5.5/10 (and although that feels a little mean, I can’t bring myself to increase it)

Lou x

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