YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 7.

A lump of polystyrene today. Or so I thought! It’s actually a Konjac Facial sponge, worth £7.99.

I would NEVER have picked this up in a shop. I mean, what’s the point, right? Who needs a facial sponge??

Well, as it turns out, you do! It’s flippin’ awesome.

When dry it’s hard and crusty and you think it can’t possibly feel nice on the skin. When you soak it in water, the magic happens. It softens beautifully and feels wonderful. When you hang it up to dry (it comes on a string), it gets all crusty again – just like a proper sea sponge.

You buff the skin with it in a circular motion (or massage outwards from the centre of your face) and it gently exfoliates as it cleanses. I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe how it feels. The closest I can get is to say that it’s like wiping your face with a warm crumpet (how British is that?! 😉 ), but it feels much nicer than that sounds (and less buttery!)

You can use it with or without a cleanser. I tried both. I used it with a foaming cleanser (Organic Surge Refreshing Face Wash) to remove makeup yesterday and without just to clean my face today. It definitely made my skin feel and look cleaner and healthier, even without the cleanser. You wouldn’t get all your makeup off without a cleanser though.

If you ordinarily use a foaming cleanser, it might be worth investing in one of these (you can buy them here). You only need to use a fraction of the cleanser you’d use with a muslin cloth so I’m sure you’ll find it will last a lot longer.

As tragic as this sounds, I was actually really looking forward to using it tonight!

So much for first impressions. I LOVE this.


Lou x

4 thoughts on “YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 7.

    1. I’m not sure. I wondered that myself. It would definitely be lovely to remove the Eve Lom with but I don’t think you’d get the best out of EL if you didn’t warm it between the hands and apply it to dry skin. I will give it a go tomorrow night and let you know. 🙂 xx


  1. Okay – here are the results!

    – I applied Eve Lom in the usual manner to one side of my face and removed it with the facial sponge. Result: Okay. My skin feels soft and clean and my makeup is all gone but the sponge has removed some of the lovely nourishing oil the cleanser ordinarily leaves behind.

    – On the other side I applied Eve Lom with the sponge. Result: Not great. Yes, my skin feels clean but not only am I missing all of the oil the cleanser should leave, the combination of the two actually feels to have stripped some moisture from my skin. The skin on that side of my face is definitely much drier than the other.

    So in my opinion it’s best not to combine the two. Independently they’re great, but not together. I still think you’d like these sponges, but perhaps for your gym bag, while travelling or just for those lazy onesie days.

    Lou x


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