YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 9.

Today we’ve got ESPA Pro Serum, 8ml worth £12.80 based on the full size RRP.


This will perhaps be another of those blogs I can come back and update with longer term results but for the time being I can tell you that it smells wonderful (reminiscent of a Lush shop) but the consistency was unexpected!

Everyone uses serum these days so it’s a familiar product. I didn’t read the back until after I’d poured a little out it which was a bit daft but I just expected it to be like any other serum. It isn’t. It’s more like an oil. When I read the back it’s referred to as serum oil which explains it but I’d definitely say it’s more of an oil than a serum. I do love facial oils however, so I wasn’t disappointed at all. I did need to use a little more than I would have if it had had a normal serum consistency.

You’re supposed to apply it before moisturising (like serum). Initially I didn’t think this was going to work as I didn’t think the serum/oil would sink in enough beforehand. However, it did and I applied the moisturiser only a couple of minutes later.

My skin definitely feels well moisturised – more so than it usually does. I haven’t changed anything from my current routine aside from adding in the serum/oil, so I can confidently say that it has left my skin feeling more hydrated.

In a week or so I will do a review blog, referring back to these things I could do with updating you on. In the meantime, based on first impressions I’d have to give it 8/10 for fragrance and instant hydration. This really the has potential to become a new favourite.

Oh, and it comes with a £15 ESPA gift card too. Well… it would be rude not to use it!

Lou x

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