YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 10.

I shouldn’t be able to post this blog so early in the day. We’ve got a long lasting lipstick. It’s Teeez Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick, shade: Killing Me Softly (coral). I was so excited when I opened the door – a lippy! Yey! 😀

It’s available from for $22 (around £15).


Remember I mentioned the benefits of a blue based lipstick as opposed to one with a yellow base? Well, this has a yellow base. I did want to cover this topic again as I’ve had a couple of conversations with people since I last mentioned it and the consensus is that as I’ve been looking for blue hues for some time, it’s perhaps easier for me to identify them than it might be for others. I think perhaps it would be easier if I showed you with some photos but today I really don’t feel up to faffing about with makeup. Applying this first thing was about my limit today. I will however come back to this another day and hopefully help you to make more flattering lippy choices. 🙂

As for this, it’s described as 8h long lasting, having a unique satin matte finish and highly pigmented coverage. Well, it certainly is highly pigmented. It’s a solid colour and you therefore only need a little for full coverage. It’s very easy to apply too and the packaging is lovely.

As for satin matte… aren’t those two different things?? It’s definitely not as matte as I would like. It’s not a true matte like the lipstick crayons I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, but it’s not in any way glossy either. It just sort of catches the light very subtly. I would describe it as being a finish that’s pretty close to that of a nude lip.

So that brings us to the 8 hour long lasting claim. Poppycock. Within minutes (actual MINUTES) it’s starting to wear in the middle. Because it’s so highly pigmented, the signs of wear are even more obvious than they otherwise would be.

Within 2 hours I’ve got the dreaded heavy liner look going on and I haven’t even eaten anything since I applied it (I have had a coffee though). How Teez Cosmetics can make the claim that it lasts 8 hours is beyond me. If you’re looking for a genuinely long lasting lippy, stay away from this. Instead, try one of the coffee-proof crayons I mentioned in my earlier blog (here).

I’m not at all impressed today! 2/10 (and only 2 because of the pigmentation and ease of application).

Lou. x

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