YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 16.

There are a few beauty essentials you really shouldn’t skimp on, tweezers being one. That’s what we’ve got behind door number 16.FullSizeRender (37)

Yes, you can buy them for about a quid pretty much anywhere but don’t!! Just don’t! All the cheap ones I’ve ever tried have been rubbish.

I usually buy from the Tweezerman range. They last years (or in my case until you lose them) and really do the job. They tend to cost around the £20 mark but it’s well worth spending an extra few quid to get a decent pair you won’t have to replace every 5 minutes. They feel a lot more solid than a cheaper pair and are much easier for precision plucking!

These, from the Vintage Cosmetic Company, are a mid-range option. They ordinarily cost £8.00 but are on sale at £6.80 at the moment, here.

They feel surprisingly solid and are much more akin to a Tweezerman pair than a bargain basement alternative. They’re precise and easy to use.

Whether or not I switch from the Tweezerman range will come down to how long this pair lasts. First impressions are certainly good. They’re cute too!


Lou x



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