Update: Bee Venom Eyes & ESPA ProSerum

I think it’s about time I updated you on Heaven Bee Venom Eyes and ESPA ProSerum.

I’ve been using Bee Venom Eyes for 10 days now and ESPA ProSerum for 9.

Heaven Bee Venom Eyes

After only 2 days I was sold. There was (even at that early stage) a marked improvement in my under eye circles, particularly towards the outer edge. I WISH I’d taken photos before I started using it so I could show you how much they have improved. The skin is plumper, much more even and youthful looking. This is by far and away the most impressive eye product I’ve used. You need only a little too so this dinky pot will last me quite some time. That said, I’ve already bought my next one! I thought the chances were there would be a few available on eBay at the mo and I was right. I got another 15ml pot (worth £21.90) for £10 including postage. Bargain!

You do have to be careful buying cosmetics on eBay though. I once bought a ‘Benefit’ product (I think it was a primer) which smelled of wet dog! Gross. It definitely wasn’t genuine and there was no chance I was putting it anywhere near my face! I got my money back but it was a hassle.

My top tips for bagging eBay beauty bargains are:

  • For those of you in the UK: Only buy from UK sellers (set your search results to UK only)
  • Check the seller’s feedback. Read all negative and neutral feedback. If there’s even a hint of any counterfeit item (cosmetics or not), forget it!
  • Check the quantity available and the seller’s other listings. If they’re selling loads of the same product, that’s a red flag. Most of the high-end manufacturers don’t sell wholesale to third parties – they only use established retailers. There are licensed resellers on eBay and if the seller you’re considering buying from is licensed, the item page and their profile will make that clear. If instead the seller is an individual with loads of Mac or Elemis stuff available for example, be cautious.
  • Know what you’re looking for! If you’re after a Mac lipstick, for example, know what the barrel, the box, the point of the lipstick and the shade should look like. If you’ve never had one before ask a friend or Google it! Critically examine the seller’s photo (although some use stock images) and if anything seems off, don’t bother.
  • Allow time for it to go wrong. If you’re buying something for a special occasion, bear in mind that you can never be 100% sure whether what you’re buying on eBay is legit until it arrives. You can get your money back if it isn’t but if you’ve left it too late you won’t have time to get another elsewhere.

My Bee Venom Eyes pot was legit. Hoorah! Before buying I’d checked the photo and compared the pot and seal to that of the pot I already had. The seller only had one 15ml pot available too which she may have got from her own YOU Beauty advent calendar. When it arrived I checked the weight, the pot, the fragrance, feel and consistency of the product against the one I had and all checked out. That’ll keep me in Bee Venom for a while!! 😉 (although now I’ve realised how impressive it is I’d love to try some of the other products in the range…)

ESPA ProSerum

This is another new favourite. The instant hydration boost I mentioned on day 9 has been apparent every time I’ve used it. I love the fragrance and it’s a really pleasant product to use as the consistency is lovely. I definitely prefer it to my usual serum (No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced) and I think my skin prefers it too! As a result of adding this to my skincare regime it generally feels smoother and more supple. I’ve bought a full sized one of these too.

These are brilliant. I love them both.

Heaven Bee Venom Eyes: 10/10 ❤

ESPA ProSerum: 9/10

Lou x

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