YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 20.

Shampoo & Conditioner today from Philip Kingsley’s Body Building range.

These smell SOOOO fresh!! There’s a hint of baby powder about the fragrance.

The shampoo didn’t foam as well as I hoped it would, so I had to use more than I usually do. The conditioner consistency wasn’t as thick as I was expecting either so that meant I didn’t have to use quite as much as… hang on… this might work for me!

Ordinarily – like anyone with long hair – I use conditioner and shampoo at a disproportionate rate. I usually have to buy two or three conditioners to each shampoo. If I use more of this shampoo and less conditioner it might finally balance out!

I’ve been complaining for a few days that I’m getting fed up with my hair. I’m thinking of a re-style. The ends have been dry and brittle and I’m sure that hasn’t helped but I just feel like a change. I’ve booked myself in for a cut and colour but couldn’t get an appointment for over a month so I’m stuck with what I’ve got for the time being.

This shampoo and conditioner has helped a teeny bit. My hair is definitely softer having used it last night. I can’t say it’s added any more body but my hair does feel generally clean and lighter.

These are generously sized bottles at 75ml each. The shampoo is worth a little over £5 and the conditioner around £6 based on the RRP.

If this is a range you love there are some very large bottles on offer at LookFantastic at the moment. There’s a 1,000ml shampoo worth £68 available at £42 here and the same sized conditioner worth £80 is available for £46 here.

Yes, my hair feels soft and clean. No, it’s not a game-changer.


Lou x

2 thoughts on “YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 Review. Day 20.

  1. HOw annoying…I just typed this and silly wordpress deleted it!

    Good quality, high end shampoos don’t foam – they’re not supposed to unless your hair is clean. I keep washing my hair and rinsing it until the shampoo foams! Rule doesn’t apply to regular Drugstore (Have I become American?!) brands though. I have a (good quality) shampoo that I swear by and it saves me so much money! I buy a large bottle for £20ish every 9-11 months (and you know how long my hair is!)…I used to spend almost that a month on the regular brands. I also find I don’t need conditioner more than once a week, sometimes less. So worth changing!! xax

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  2. Well I did not know that! Thanks Anna. Maybe I need to start using higher end stuff! I definitely spend more than that on regular shampoo so it sounds like a sensible investment! xx


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