Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar Review.

Hey lovelies. Hope you’ve had a fab Christmas.

I thought it might be helpful if I summarised in one place my overall impression of Look Fantastic’s Advent Calendar offering this year.

In terms of value, the goodies averaged out at £11.32 per day, ranging from £1.08 all the way up to £34.49.

Look Fantastic state that the total value of the items inside the calendar exceeds £300, although by my calculations it comes to a little over £280. I based my figures on RRPs for standard sizes so perhaps they made an allowance for smaller versions. Anyway, it’s pretty close to what they claim and well in excess of the £70 I spent on it, so value wise it’s pretty darn good.

My individual product ratings were good too, ranging from a poor 5 all the way up to a 10. The average daily rating came out at 7.5.

I was also very happy to see so many new items. I expected a few more duplicates and I was pleased to be proven wrong! The order of goodies was also significantly improved with the great stuff from the few days leaving a solid lasting impression.

Yes, I’m happy with this calendar overall. Lots of new review fodder, great value and good stats. I suspect the Look Fantastic 2017 Advent Calendar may be making an appearance on Wonk & Warpaint in the future!

Lou xx


Day 25 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette.

Merry Christmas, you lovely lot! I hope you’ve had a fabulous day. 😀

Behind the door today was an Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette worth a whopping £34, and which follows on nicely from yesterday’s eyeshadow brush. I feel like the order of treats in this calendar has been much better thought out than last year.


There’s also a £10 Look Fantastic voucher which is another lovely touch and I’ll definitely be using that to treat myself to an extra little prezzy. 🙂

I’ve never used Illamasqua eyeshadow before, although knowing a little about the brand (their Sealing Gel is a game changer) I had high hopes when I applied it this morning, and I’ve been proven right. It’s lasted extremely well despite the fact that I know I’ve rubbed my eyes at least a couple of times, forgetting I was wearing makeup. Anyway, it hung on in there. The colours are also beautiful. They’re neutral so are ideal for daytime although could also be used to build up to a brown based smoky eye. I particularly love the terracotta type shade in the bottom right. The orange tone makes my eyes look blue (they’re not really). I know I should tell you the name of the individual shades, but I’m exhausted, I’m upstairs and the palette isn’t! If you particularly want to know, come back to this blog post in a couple of days when I will have updated it to include a note of the shade names.

Anyway, this is something I’m delighted with. My favourite from the calendar and a really fitting end.


I’ll do a brief summary blog in the next day or two and I’ll be back again properly on January 1st for the next one. 😀

Lou xx

P.S. Darn it… I missed out on posting this on the actual 25th December by 19 minutes. Poop!

[UPDATE 29.12.16 – the shade names are (clockwise from top left) Servant, Tango, Terra, Vernau, so it’s Terra that I particularly like.]

Day 24 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Look Good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush.

What a lovely thing to find on Christmas Eve! It’s a gorgeously soft Look Good Feel Better eye shading brush, worth £6.99.

12% of this brush’s wholesale price is donated to Look Good Feel Better, the only global cancer charity supporting women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

I’ve got loads of eyeshadow brushes, but some of them I’ve had for a very long time and they are definitely past their best. I need to have a clear-out, so I’ll use this newbie as inspiration to do just that.

The bristles are super soft and the brush makes easy work of blending. My only gripe really is that it doesn’t seem to pick up enough product, which is a shame. You have to keep building the colour.

I’ll probably use this brush in combination with the sponge applicators you get with eyeshadows to be honest. I’ll use those to add the colour, and the brush to blend.

I like this. 8/10

Have a fabulous Christmas morning and I’ll be back again sometime tomorrow.

Lou xx

Day 23 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Ole Henricksen Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths.

Nothing to get too excited about behind door number 23, although it’s a very useful product. It’s a pack of 10 Clean Truth Cleansing Wipes from Ole Henriksen, worth £4.00,


The fragrance reminds me of orange sherbet – fruity and sweet.

They remove makeup effectively but you do have to work at it. I used two to remove all traces of makeup.

The first thing I noticed immediately after use was that my skin seemed to be tighter. The claims made on the front of the pack are cleansing, brightening and hydrating. There’s no mention of tightening. Incidentally the writing on the back of the pack is teeny tiny and the English text is white which is particularly difficult to read against the orange background. It’s annoying.

Anyway… I had no reason to expect anything other than a clean face and I certainly didn’t expect my skin to tighten. When I just popped over to Look Fantastic to get the link for this blog though, I noticed that the claims made there DO include tightening. So no, it’s not all in my head and yes, the claims are true.

As you’d expect, my skin also felt clean and it didn’t feel dehydrated.

Like I said, it’s nothing to get too excited about. It’s a pack of wipes. That said, it’s a damn good pack of wipes!


Lou x

P.S. Something else I spotted when I was over on the Look Fantastic site was this little ‘Try Us, Love Us’ kit which is a fab idea to introduce you to an unfamiliar brand. It’s also a fab price. You get 3 products (cleanser, these wipes and moisturiser) with a total value of £31.75 for only £12. Bargain!

Day 22 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Molton Brown Pink Peppercorn Body Wash.

This is a repeat from last year, albeit a different fragrance. Last year’s review is here although it’s VERY short (I’m obviously getting more longwinded as the blog goes on!) so I’ll summarise it again anyway.

It’s Molton Brown’s Body Wash, Pink Pepperpod fragrance, a 100ml bottle worth £6.67.


It foams up really well (especially with a shower puff) and a little goes a long way. The fragrance (which I like a lot better than last year’s) also lingers on your skin for quite some time.

I like this, and because the fragrance is more ‘me’ I’m uplifting my score from a 7 to a 7.5/10.

Lou xx

Day 21 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

[3 more tonight and then we’re up to date! I’m sorry if there are any typos or other errors in these next few blogs. I’m having a vertigo attack at the mo so it’s a bit tricky]

I’m going to start this one by saying that one of the things I love about Lush is their forward thinking. I love that so many products have been completely rethought. I am a total convert to their solid shampoos for example. Since discovering them I’ve barely used liquids. Similarly, I love their new solid mouthwashes and some of their toothy tabs (solid toothpastes) are pretty impressive.

That said, I don’t like novelty for novelty’s sake. That brings me to day 21’s product. It’s Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant which is essentially powdered exfoliator. It’s a 13g tub worth around £7.50.


You pour a little into wet hands [use a little more water than you think you’re going to need] and mix into a creamy paste. Then you use it as you would a standard exfoliator. Apparently it’s a “unique powder that activates upon contact with water” which suggests that it needs to come in powder form but I can’t help being unimpressed by that. It’s a bit of a faff (if I wanted to be mixing my own beauty products I’d make them all from scratch!) and the paste dries fairly quickly on your skin which means that (for example) by the time you’ve finished exfoliating your forehead, it’s dried on your chin. Nope!

Let’s take that out of the equation. How does it perform as an exfoliator? Well, it’s okay. My skin doesn’t feel dry once I’ve rinsed all the product off and it feels soft, smooth and clean. So yeah, it’s okay. It’s not a game-changer though.


Lou xx

Day 20 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Redken One United Multi-Benefit Treatment.

The last one for tonight, to give your inbox a break! 😉

It’s Redken’s One United Multi-Benefit Treatment, 30ml worth £3.40.


This product boasts 25 benefits (YES – 25!!) namely:

Improves manageability.
Helps even porous hair.
Reduces dryness.
Helps strengthen.
Ideal cutting lotion.

Primes hair for styling.
Helps prevent breaking from brushing.
Safe for colour-treated hair.
Helps prevent heat damage.
Helps prevent split ends.
Helps seal in hair cuticle.
Safe for ombré hair.
Helps shield vs. external aggressors.

Gives a silky touch.
Adds smoothness.
Adds shine.
Helps control frizz.
Controls fly-aways.
Makes blow-dry easier.
Style refresher.
Lightweight results.

You can use it as a leave-in nourishing treatment or you can rinse it out for lightweight conditioning.

I used it as a leave-in treatment as after a fortnight of exposure to seawater, my hair is incredibly dry. I used quite a lot (I was worried I’d used too much) and immediately my hair was much easier to comb through. Once it dried there was no excess product in my hair but those flippin’ flyaways (which I realise I’m often going on about) were tamed and my hair was generally more manageable. It smells great to boot!

I really like this, especially the little pocket sized bottle. I may well buy a full sized one to top this up with and keep it in my handbag for hair emergencies.

If you’re tempted, the full size (150ml) version is currently on sale at Look Fantastic (here). It’s down from £17 to £13.60.

My hair likes it. I like it. All good!


Lou x