Introduction: Day 1 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner.

Hello, you lovely lot! Welcome to the first of this year’s beauty advent calendar blogs. 😀

As per the last 2 years, I have 2 calendars. The first is an old favourite. It’s the latest Look Fantastic offering, the (incidentally MASSIVE) ‘Beauty Secret.’ I’ll be blogging my way through that this month (I’m scheduling this post for December 1st) and in January there’s a newbie which I’m very excited about, from Decleor. There are 2 Decleor goodies I’ve already added to my skincare regime this year, their Aroma Purete Imperfections roll on and Aromessence Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum. I bought them from a salon in June and now I won’t be without them. The roll on in particular is fantastic for treating blemishes. Apply it overnight at the first sign of trouble and by the time you wake up, it’ll look and feel a heck of a lot better! The serum evens out skintone and calms stressed out, congested skin. I tend to use it early evening if my skin is feeling a bit meh and it definitely gives it a little extra pep. So yes, I’m very excited about discovering more from Decleor. 🙂

This month most of my links will send you over to Look Fantastic. That’s not for any reason other than it’s a site I highly rate. The brands they stock include my firm favourites and they have some great deals on offer most of the time. I’m not receiving an incentive to write this blog or recommend the site. I just do! If you decide to buy anything I mention in the blog, you may find it cheaper elsewhere or you may find that Look Fantastic’s offers are hard to beat. If you do decide to  shop at Look Fantastic, I’d suggest (as I have before) that you sign up to TopCashback first. It’s a genuinely no-nonsense cashback site. Earn cashback on things you’d buy anyway and claim it via BACS, PayPal or a whole host of other options. No irritating advertising, no popups, no surveys, no spam email, just cashback. At the time of writing (15th November 2016) the cashback rate offered by Look Fantastic through TopCashback is 7.07%, although it changes from time to time. If you’re not already a member of TopCashback I’d be super grateful if you would sign up using my referral link, here. 🙂

So, I’ve mentioned that I’m writing this on 15th November. Why? Well, I’ll be away at the beginning of December so the first 11 posts will be written  before I go and (if I do it properly!) scheduled to appear on WordPress and on the W&W Facebook page at some point during each day.

Okay, with all of that over with, what do we have behind door number 1?!


It’s Pixi’s Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner, 15ml so worth £1.08 based on the full size RRP (let’s hope values increase as the month goes on!!)

I wasn’t sure what to expect of an exfoliating toner. Bits? No. No bits. I’m not sure how it exfoliates without them but hey, what do I know? I have to confess, toner is a step in my skincare routine that I often skip (I know, I know) I’ve not found one to be ever really notable, but this…! Well, my skin immediately looked healthier, smoother and yes… I’d go so far as to say it’s glowing. I did NOT expect that! Certainly not so quickly. I used it before bed (after cleansing of course) and I kinda felt like I’d wasted it. Had I known what an effect it would have on my skin I’d have definitely used it in the morning and got the full benefit from my glowing skin. I’ll certainly be using it again in the morning (and every day until it runs out) and I expect I’ll probably buy a full sized one in the January sales.

Well done, Pixi, I’m converted. I won’t skip toner anymore.


Lou x

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