Day 6 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Monu Illuminating Primer.

Today we’ve got Monu Illuminating Primer. It’s a 25ml bottle worth £14.99 (wow!)


I’ll start by saying I’ve recently switched up my foundation. I’ve mixed up the perfect shade for me using a blend of a Lush colour supplement (more info here if you’re interested) and a couple of shades of foundation. I blended quite a bit in an empty Lush pot and I’ve been using that for a couple of months now. My makeup base has looked a lot better since I started using it, so I doubt I’ll go back to a single shade foundation again.

I’ve not been using a primer since I started this, as it hasn’t really been necessary. My makeup has lasted well without it and, as I said, my skin has looked pretty good.

Today I used this primer underneath my home blended foundation. It’s fairly thick in consistency although it simply melts into skin and you can apply your foundation immediately, no faffing around! I wasn’t really expecting much, but it definitely added a dewiness to my complexion and gave me a somewhat ‘airbrushed’ look (which can only be a good thing!!) My makeup lasted well too, and I didn’t need to use a lot. It reflected light beautifully, even under makeup.

Yeah, I’m pretty impressed!

I can’t comment on the SPF aspect as there’s no sign of sunshine at this time of year! It is advisable to use SPF every day though, rain or shine. It will help your skin to stay youthful for longer, so a daily use SPF product like this is a great addition to your makeup bag.

9/10 (I think I even prefer this to Benefit Porefessional – controversial!!)

Lou x

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