Day 12 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Foreo Night Cleanser and Foreo Luna Play.

Oooh today’s treat is, umm… interesting!

It’s a 15ml tube of Foreo Night Cleanser worth £4.50 and a purple Foreo Luna Play “facial cleansing device” worth £29.99. Value wise, today’s a good day!

I’ve never used anything by Foreo before and I’ve not heard of the Luna range. The Luna device hard to describe, but essentially it’s a firm silicone pad with soft bristles. It is battery powered and vibrates. It’s like a facial brush (which is actually something I’ve treated myself to this year), but round… ish. And not brush like! You apply your cleanser (the Foreo cleanser is a bit too thin in consistency for my liking and generally a bit ‘meh’) and then you run the device over your face for one minute before washing the cleanser off. Whether or not the device itself actually did anything, I really can’t say. My face feels clean, but no more so than usual. It’s certainly not something I’m raving about but I’ll give it a go for a little while longer.

I’ve already told you about my love for Eve Lom cleanser and I can’t see anything topping that. I’ll use the Luna device with Eve Lom for a while and see what happens. If it’s impressive, I’ll let you have an update. So if you’re reading this in a months time and there’s no further update, it’s safe to say I’m still not particularly impressed.

6/10 (mostly for value)

Lou x

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