Day 16 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Pur Minerals Impact+ Mascara.

Makeup today – hoorah! 😀  It’s Pur minerals Impact+ Mascara.


I can’t link to Look Fantastic today as I can’t see it for sale. I’ve emailed and once I hear back from them I’ll update the blog post [UPDATE: I had a very unhelpful response from Look Fantastic, so I still can’t link you to it]. In the meantime, I’ve looked elsewhere and it seems this may be a bit of a holy grail product. It’s not easy to find for sale anywhere. I feel very lucky to have one! Because I can’t find it for sale the value I’m attributing to it is based on the US price of the full sized version (with the conversion rate as of today’s date). I think it’s worth around £10.

So, how does it do? I applied two coats first thing. It separates lashes well, lengthens and curls. The effect (on my usually fairly straight) lashes is very similar to that of Benefit’s Roller Lash, which is already a firm favourite.

I’ve not been wearing makeup for a while so I forgot twice today that I was wearing mascara and I rubbed my eyes. When I realised what I’d done I checked the mirror to survey the damage and… there was none! No flaking, no smearing, no panda eye – just pretty, separated, curled lashes.

Despite the rubbing, more than 13 hours after I applied it it looks exactly the same. That’s pretty impressive!

Yep. This is another goodie. Well done, Look Fantastic. I can’t fault it!


Lou x

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