Day 17 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. BellaPierre Gel Eyeliner.

Today’s blog comes with an apology. In my excitement about festifying (that should be a word) my house today, I forgot to open the calendar early enough to give the eyeliner behind the door a proper go.


It’s a full size BellaPierre Gel Eyeliner in shade no. 02 (Ebony). I’ve had to link to BellaPierre’s US site as, again, I’m not able to find this particular liner on the Look Fantastic website. There is another BellaPierre liner here (which incidentally is a bargain at only £7.70, down from £14) but it’s not the same product. However, the RRP is the same which means that today’s treat is a generous one, worth £14.

Unfortunately the fact that I was too busy trimming up the house means I can’t tell you anything about the liner’s longevity. I can, however, tell you what it’s like to apply.

My first impression is that it’s not as smooth or fluid as I expected. The line it produces isn’t as clean as I anticipated and there are some rough edges (which admittedly may largely be due to my application rather than the product, although I expect more of a solid line with a gel). I would say that in terms of colour intensity and clean lines my other gel liners have been more akin to liquids than pencils although I would say that the opposite is true here. It looks like a pencil and goes on like a pencil. It drags the skin a little, unlike my other gels.

It is very easy to smudge as soon as it has been applied, so it could be used to create a lovely smoky eye. After it has dried on the skin for a few minutes it’s more difficult to smudge which will no doubt help to avoid the dreaded panda eye!

The thing I’ll probably find most memorable about this product is that after I’d used it once (on one and a half eyes – I was working on the second) the tip of the pencil broke, wasting a considerable amount of product and meaning the pencil had to be sharpened straightaway. Hmm. Certainly not a great first impression. I wasn’t overly firm with it and it isn’t warm enough for the gel to have softened.

As I said, I’m afraid I can’t comment on longevity so I only really have first impressions to go from and in this case my first impression leads me to a…

5/10. I’m not overly impressed today, although the RRP softens the blow somewhat and nudged me up from a 4.

Lou x


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