Day 18 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Codage Paris Micro-Peeling Mask (plus a sneaked in review of Lush Magical Moringa moisturiser)

Today it’s a 15ml tube of Codage Paris’s Masque Micro-Peeling, worth a very generous £18.


As you’d expect, you apply it to a cleansed face and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. The info on the back says you may feel tingling. Umm… not so much with the ‘may’. You WILL! It’s not an unpleasant sensation, just an unusual one. The same can be said of the fragrance. It’s… unusual.

Once I’d rinsed it off my skin certainly felt firmer and mega-clean. In fact it was literally shining! It was crying out for moisturiser however so I applied my trusted favourite immediately which incidentally (and going completely off topic) is something you need to know about if you have oily or combination skin. It’s Lush’s incredible Magical Moringa (£28 for 75g). It has an unusual consistency – almost solid, but don’t be put off by that. It melts into your hand and liquefies when you apply it to your skin. The most magical thing about it is that it moisturises and mattifies all at once. Your shiny skin will be shiny no more. T-zone? What T-zone?? It’s honestly amazing. It not only provides an excellent base for makeup, it also (in my experience) improves the condition of your skin considerably with regular use.

It lasts ages too so it’s well worth the price tag. If you order anything else online with Lush you can ask for a sample (put a note in the ‘it’s a gift’ section, not the delivery request box) if you’d like to try before you buy. The same goes if you pop into a store – the staff will be more than happy to sort you out a little sample.

Anyway, back to the Codage mask. Because it feels like it strips ALL of the moisture out of the skin, it’s not something you should use too often. The suggestion is 1-2 times a week but to be honest I think twice a week would be too much.

It’s definitely given my skin a deep clean though, and I like it.


Lou x


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