Day 19 – Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar. Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream.

Okay, this one WILL be short. It’s Balance Me’s Wonder Eye Cream, 7ml worth £9.33 (these values are pretty good!)


There’s really not much I can say about this. I think to be honest in terms of eye cream I’ve been completely spoiled by Heaven Bee Venom Eyes which I’m still using. It’s the only eye cream I’ve ever used with notable results.

Yes, this moisturises, but there were no miraculous (or should I say wondrous) effects either immediately or overnight. Yes, I should give it a little while longer (and to be fair I will) but I’ll only update this post if I change my mind as a result of that, so if you’re reading this in a month or so it’s fair to say I stand by my immediate impression which, to be frank, is just ‘meh’ :/

5/10 (for now at least!)

Lou x

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