Hi guys.

I realise I’ve missed a few days, but there are no apologies for that this time. I’ve been really struggling with fatigue over the last few days and when I haven’t had to put on a facade of ‘normality’ (those of you with chronic illnesses will know how much of a strain that can be at this time of year), I’ve had to prioritise my health above my blog. I do hope you understand.

I did however use the first three missed products yesterday so I can fill you in on those this evening. I’ll post separate blogs to maintain the individual post setup so if you’re subscribed to email alerts apologies in advance for spamming your inbox! They will be fairly short posts though.

So, I’ll post 3 tonight and the remaining blogs will follow tomorrow so that we’re all back up to date.

Thank you for bearing with me and for all of your support.

Lou xx

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