Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar Review.

Hey lovelies. Hope you’ve had a fab Christmas.

I thought it might be helpful if I summarised in one place my overall impression of Look Fantastic’s Advent Calendar offering this year.

In terms of value, the goodies averaged out at £11.32 per day, ranging from £1.08 all the way up to £34.49.

Look Fantastic state that the total value of the items inside the calendar exceeds £300, although by my calculations it comes to a little over £280. I based my figures on RRPs for standard sizes so perhaps they made an allowance for smaller versions. Anyway, it’s pretty close to what they claim and well in excess of the £70 I spent on it, so value wise it’s pretty darn good.

My individual product ratings were good too, ranging from a poor 5 all the way up to a 10. The average daily rating came out at 7.5.

I was also very happy to see so many new items. I expected a few more duplicates and I was pleased to be proven wrong! The order of goodies was also significantly improved with the great stuff from the few days leaving a solid lasting impression.

Yes, I’m happy with this calendar overall. Lots of new review fodder, great value and good stats. I suspect the Look Fantastic 2017 Advent Calendar may be making an appearance on Wonk & Warpaint in the future!

Lou xx


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