Decleor 2016 Advent Calendar Review. Day 2: Aroma Cleanse Tonifying Lotion with neroli essential oil.

Another 10ml bottle today, this time in the form of toner. It’s Aroma Cleanse Tonifying Lotion with neroli essential oil – the toner which compliments yesterday’s cleanser. It looks like we may be building up to a set of skincare products which complement each other. I hope that is the case – it’s a nice idea.

I don’t know why they’ve classified it as a ‘lotion.’ It isn’t. It’s a straight up toner. Toning water would perhaps have been more appropriate but what do I know?


Anyway, this little bottle is worth a less than generous £1, although a 200ml bottle is currently on sale at Look Fantastic (we’re back there again!) for £18.45.

Again, it smells fab. Their blurb says that it “(tones) your skin to perfection without any tightness” although I do feel that it has actually tightened the skin. That’s not a bad thing, however – at least not in my book! Decleor also claim that it leaves you with smoother skin and it does seem to do just that. It’s not a game-changer however and had I tried this before Pixi’s (see my earlier blog here) I would not have been convinced to stop skipping toner. It’s okay. It DOES smell great and that’s a saving grace.

I would say that if you’re planning on buying the complementing toner and cleanser you should consider getting a bigger bottle of toner than cleanser, or even buy them at a ratio of 2:1. You won’t use them up at the same rate and you’re going to need more toner if you’re to have any left halfway through your cleanser.

So yeah, it’s okay. Not marvellous but okay.


Lou x

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